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Gin Wheel / Rope Pulley

Do you need a simple Lifting Solution? Try a Rope Gin Wheel Pulley System

A gin wheel is also referred to as a gin wheel pulley, rope pulley, pulley wheel, lifting pulley, pulley block, and gin block. They are one of the simplest lifting solutions around today,  a wheel is positioned at some height  to which a rope is passed over. A load is attached to on end and when you pull on the other rope the wheel will rotate and thus aids the smooth raising of the load. 

A scaffold gin wheel will commonly be seen on building sites and used frequently by builders, scaffolders and contractors to haul loads up a building. Buy your gin wheel and rope from the lifting accessories range online at Lifting Gear Direct today. Priced under £35, you would be hard pushed to find a cheaper lifting device.

Gin Wheel Gin Wheel

Gin Wheel


Our gin wheels or rope pulleys are perfect lifting lighter loads up to 250kg and..

Gin Wheel Pulley Rope Gin Wheel Pulley Rope

Gin Wheel Pulley Rope


 This pulley rope is perfectly produced to be compatible with such a setup,..

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Gin Wheel / Rope Pulley

Using a Gin Wheel

A gin wheel is an ideal piece of lifting equipment for lifting lightweight loads to a higher area, such as the top of a scaffold tower, they consist of a single wheel over which a rope of any length can be pulled and will lift the load attached to one end vertically to where it is required.

The gin wheel incorporates an eye attachment point which makes it easy to slip over a scaffold pole. There is a type of rope guide to ensure the rope in place, and can't be pulled off the wheel whilst in use.

Our line-up

The good thing about ordering gin wheels from Lifting Gear Direct is that we do not just offer wheel assemblies; we also supply pulley rope which can be used in conjunction with this type of kit. Our rope is hand spliced and can be customised with the fitting of your choice, with shackles and snap hooks being two of the most popular, safe options. 

For a different option you may like to browse our range of sheave blocks and snatch blocks. These are a little more robust and have a choice of wheel numbers. Single, double or triple wheel sheaves are available. All incorporate an anchor point fitting of either an eye, shackle or hook with safety catch.

Ask about gin wheels

Have a friendly, informative conversation with one of the Lifting Gear Direct specialists when you call 01384 76961 or get in touch online for more product details, quotes and advice.


What is a Gin wheel?

A gin wheel is often referred to as a rope pulley wheel and is essentially a steel wheel with a channelled recess around the edge where a rope will sit. When the rope at one side is pulled the wheel will turn and raise the rope on the other side and whatever is fitted to it.

Where are Gin wheels used?

 Gin wheels / rope pulleys are typically seen on construction sites, fixed to scaffolding to aid in the lifting of lighter materials.

What are the benefits of a Gin wheel

The main benefit to using a Gin wheel is that lifting loads up to 250kg are made much quicker and unlimited heights can be reached providing you have the rope length. Gin wheels or rope pulleys are probably one of the simplest and cheapest lifting aids to be found.

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