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Order wire rope winches from Lifting Gear Direct if you want access to the broadest choice of models and brands as well as the most competitive prices around. Read on for an introduction to our wire rope winch line up including a hand winch or manual winch, trailer winch and electric winches, and also advice on other lifting equipment to consider.

Aluminium Hand Winch - Console Mounted


About the Aluminium Hand Winch This wire rope winch is suitable for outdoor use..

Base Mounted Aluminium Winch


Features of the Base Mounted Winch: At a glance hardened worm shaft & se..

Cast Iron Winch


About the Cast Iron Winch Robust in nature this cast iron winch is ideal in ind..

Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Winch


About the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Winch This wire rope winch is made from robus..

Light Duty Wall Mounted Winch


Key Features of the Light Duty Wall Mounted Winch Quick View spur gears on r..

Lightweight Wire rope Winch - Console Mounted


About the console mounted Lightweight winch This wire rope winch is available i..

Mini Winch


 About the Mini WinchThis mini winch is ideal for a construction site,..

Pfaff Beta Silverline Electric Winch


Ideal for all standard applications for lifting, pulling and positioning loads. ..

Stage Winch


The stage winch is a wire rope winch suitable for lifting loads above individual..

Trailer Winch


This winch is ideal for applications where electricity is not available or canno..

Wall Mounted Spur Gear Winch


About the Wall Mounted Winch with Spur gear This wire rope winch is designed to..

Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch


About the Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch    The RPE electric wire..

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Wire Rope Winches

About Wire Rope Winches

Whether you need a manual winch an electric winch or a pneumatic winch you can find them all here at Lifting Gear Direct. Wire rope winches are a type of hand winch and are the ideal piece of equipment for lifting, pulling and positioning applications, offering maximum versatility and efficiency. Frequently used in industrial units, plant construction, agriculture, theatres, sports halls and many more areas.

Cable Winch Types

Lifting Gear Direct can supply manual winches suitable for wall, base/floor and column mounting in a range of finishes including zinc plated, stainless steel, galvanised, aluminium, powder coated and cast iron, to suit a wide range of operating environments, all available in a range of lifting capacities and suitable for a range of wire rope diameters and lengths. All models come without the wire rope, however we can supply these with your own choice of end fittings as we have our own machine and press facilities.

As well as the most commonly used manual winches we also supply a range of electric wire rope winches for those tougher tasks with working load limits up to 3200kg.

With trailer winches available from the leading manufacturers - Pfaff, Yale and LTM you can be sure of quality products.

Other winches we stock

As you might expect, Lifting Gear Direct is not just a supplier of high quality wire rope winches, but also a number of other winch types that can provide impressive performance in a variety of lifting operations.

For example, we offer a number of different cable pullers, with both light and heavy duty models available from well known brands like Yale. With WLLs ranging from 800kg to 3200kg and beyond, finding the perfect cable puller should be a breeze.

Our lifting equipment line up

Outside of the winches we stock, you can also find an exceptional array of other kit to help catalyse your operations and round off any existing assembly you own.

Take our hoists, for example, which is a category that features classic chain blocks which are manually operated, as well as electric hoists and industry-specific builders hoists. This is just a small sample of the diverse array of options and accessories that are at your disposal when you shop with us.

Ask questions and order

If you are in need of a little guidance with relation to winches or any of the other products we stock, please feel free to give our team a ring on 01384 76961 or use our contact form to email us with any query you might have.


What is a wire rope winch?

A wire rope winch is a device which simply winds up wire rope cable whilst lifting/pulling the load attached. Manual and powered varieties are available.

Which wire rope winch is easiest to use?

A powered winch is much easier to use than a manual winch. They can be powered by electricity or a pneumatic air supply (model depending) They can lift and pull much heavier loads at the touch of a button with more precision. A manual winch requires some physical effort to wind the lever which rotates the drum and thus the cable.

Manual Vs Powered winch?

Manual winches are usually the cheaper option and take up less room, however physical strength is required to rotate the lever, thus rope & load. Electric winches and air powered winches handle heavier loads much more quickly due to the power advantage, they are therefore easier to use, however they are probably more costly and take up more room so consider all options carefully.

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