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Forklift jib arms

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Forklift Jib Arms

Buy a forklift Jib arm to extend the lifting reach of your truck and enable suspended lifting

We offer a range of forklift Jib arms to enhance the use of your forklift truck by turning it into a small crane. This lets you get more use out of a forklift truck and could save you having to order a separate crane or gantry system to complete both material handling and lifting operations. Other forklift attachments are available including extensions, hooks and tipping skips.

Extendable Low-liner forklift Jib Arm - Contact LLX


About the Extendable Low-Liner Forklift Jib Arm  From Contact’s range..

Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMJ


One of many forklift jib arms made by the experts at Contact, this range include..

Extending Forklift Jib Arm - Contact FMX


Facts & figures for the Extending Forklift Jib Arm The raised hei..

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Why Use A Forklift Jib Arm

These Jib arms mount securely to the forks/tines and allow you to lift from under or over the tines, depending on which model is chosen, they also give you a far greater reach than just forks alone.

There are a few forklift jib models which attach to the actual carriage of the truck, which will neccessitate the removal of the forks; these will possibly offer more stability than those fitted to the forks.

Some models have 2 lifting hooks and some have an extendable reach, take a look at the full range to choose your perfect forklift truck jib arm accessory.

Performance potential

You can find out about the capabilities of individual forklift jib arms by clicking through to product pages. However, in general you can expect each range to come in a range of capacities, with some starting at as little as 1000kg and rising to 5000kg.

Many of the products in our forklift jib arm line up come from Contact, a respected manufacturer whose products we also supply in our forklift extension category.

Because each jib arm will have its own limitations and compatibility requirements, be sure to look carefully at the available information before deciding. Use our contact details below if you have any questions.

Alternative products

You may also wish to investigate our other forklift truck attachments which can help with the material handling of many different load types.

We even supply equipment designed to cope with different types of operations, including drum handling gear which is clearly quite specialised in design, as well as load moving kit for all purposes. Our pallet trucks are particularly appealing as an option for manually moving palletised loads without the need for a powered forklift.

Other load moving options are available in our lifting gear line up and we work hard to bring you the best products from the top brands.

Need assistance?

Call us if you need more help. Our sales team can be reached on 01384 76961 or you can send them an email if you would rather get a quick reply online. We can give additional info, advice and quotes on all our products, so get in touch today.


What is a forklift Jib arm?

A forklift Jib arm is an attachment that slides onto your existing forks to essentially turn your forklift truck into a mini crane. The Jib arm extends out past the forks (some models are extendable) so that loads can be slung under the load hook away from the forks.

What is the reach of a forklift Jib arm attachment?

Our standard fixed Jib attachment reaches up to 1750mm from the rear of the forks; the extending raised Jib arm reaches up to 3000mm from the rear and the low liner jib arm also reaches to 3000mm. It should be noted that lifting capacities reduce as you extend, also please bear in mind the trucks capacity. Please refer to the specifications.

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