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Tycan Chain and Components

Buy Tycan chain - The lightest, softest lifting chain

The Tycan chain and component system is an evolutionary lifting and lashing range like no other. The chain is not your typical steel link chain, instead it is made from Dyneema fibre. If you think it won't be as strong as standard steel chain, think again! It is just as strong BUT it is up to 8 times lighter, softer to handle, cleaner and up to 14 tonne can be achieved, meaning it has numerous benefits. Lifting slings can easily be made with this system. Order yours today at Lifting Gear Direct - the name that carries its weight!

Tycan Lifting Chain


About Tycan Lifting ChainManufactured from 100% Dyneema man-made fibre (the wo..

Tycan Lashing Chain


About Tycan Fibre Lashing ChainWith 100% Dyneema used for the manufacture of t..

Tycan Chain Components


Types of Components for Tycan Fibre ChainLifting Gear Direct can supply sever..

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Tycan Chain and Components

Benefits of Tycan Fibre Chain

Lifting and lashing tasks just got a whole lot easier with the Tycan fibre chain and choice of components. It is so light it is easy to transport and use by a single person with little effort. Longer lengths can be used easily and repetitively, unlike steel chain. The weight difference is immense. For example a steel chain would weight 162 kg while a Tycan chain with the same load limit would weigh just 20kg. Just think of the benefits to your body, no more strains and muscle injuries.

Because it is soft, handling is a much pleasanter experience it also reduces knocks, bruises, cuts and muscle injuries that can occur when handling the usual heavy steel chain. Another benefit to its softness is its flexibility; it is really easy to secure cargo and use in choked and basket hitch types when used as a sling. There is minimal risk of the Tycan chain causing any damage to cargo or the user.

This fibre chain is more environmentally friendly than its steel counterpart too.

The Dyneema fibres used in Tycan chain are waterproof and therefore, together with its low weight it can float on water; this will make it a great piece of equipment for the shipping and marine industries.

Another of the key benefits to Tycan is its noise output! There is hardly any, only that caused by connected components. This minimises hearing loss and noise pollution.

All green pin Tycan products are thoroughly tested in both testing facilities and actual operations. Certified by DNV GL for lifting and lashing operations for quality assurance.

Green Pin Tycan Products Available.

There are two types of Tycan chain, one for lifting and one for lashing tasks. The lifting type has 4 size options whilst the lashing type has 2 size options. There are numerous components to choose from to work with this chain, from masterlinks, connectors and clevis hooks to quad link assemblies. We also have a ratchet load binder suitable for use with the Tycan fibre chain for load securing tasks. You can find out all the details of each chain and component on their own product pages.

How Tycan Chain is made

Tycan chain is made from Dyneema fibre, this is known as the worlds strongest man-made fibre and is used in an array of different areas from body armour to sports equipment. Dyneema is an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibre and is made in a patented gel spinning procedure where fibres are drawn, heated, elongated then cooled down. The process causes molecular alignment, high crystallization and low density in the fibres. The longer molecular chain enables a more effective load transfer to the polymer backbone.

Dyneema is buoyant, has great resistance to UV light and chemicals, dirt, grease and salt as well as being resistant to cuts and abrasions.

Need more information? Call us on 01384 76961 or check out the manuals in the product download tab.

Tycan Fibre Chain

Tycan chain cmponents


What is Tycan chain?

Tycan chain is a relatively new product to the lifting equipment industry. Essentially it is a type of chain but each link is made from many layers of special Dyneema fibre material resulting in a lighter weight, soft chain.

What are the advantages of Tycan chain?

Tycan chain is up to eight times lighter in weight than an equivalent steel chain but has the same strength, it is also soft and so much nicer to handle.

What is the top weight a Tycan chain can lift?

Tycan chain can handle loads up to 14 tonnes.

What fittings can be used with Tycan chain?

When using Tycan chain it is best to use the specified green pin fittings. There are a selection of safety hooks, connectors, master links a clevis hook and a load binder.

What is a chain lifting sling used for?

Chain lifting slings are used for lifting heavy and/or awkward loads. The top link will be attached to the hoist or crane which does the heavy lifting and the hooks at the lower end of each chain leg are what attaches to the load.

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