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Beam Clamps

We offer an extensive line up of beam attachments, including beam clamps which can be found in a multitude of configurations right here on this page. We offer own-brand LGD beam clamps as well as products from other great manufacturers to give you outstanding choice.

Beam Clamps for Lifting

When lifting and suspending heavy items is required, durable and highly versatile beam clamps or girder clamps are often the items of choice. As these high-strength items can be attached to a number of different beams, they will offer unparalleled levels of safety and support. This type of clamp is often used for industrial purposes; they can also be seen in garages and within any situation which is associated with heavy materials.

At Lifting Gear Direct, we appreciate the fact that only the most trusted of brand names should be offered to our customers. This will provide a peace of mind in knowing that safety and reliability are never sacrificed. You can view a number of our top models by browsing our online selection.

Beam Clamp brands

As hinted at above, our line up of beam clamps is not limited to products from a single firm. Instead we endeavour to supply as huge variety of different clamps which will undoubtedly include at least one model which is the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether you are an acolyte of Camlok or more interested in ordering a beam clamp from Raptor, our site is the ideal place to encounter the most compelling options in this and many other categories. Find branded beam clamps in the shop by brand pages.

We now also offer our own quality LGD beam clamp which offers cost effective alternative to bigger brands. Certification supplied for peace of mind.

Should you require further details or if you have questions in regards to a specific product, feel free to use our rapid enquiry form. We will be happy to address any issues that you may have.

Girder clamps are available within their own shop by brand page under Riley, although it may appear that on the surface they are essentially identical to standard beam clamps. Dig a little deeper and you will discover that they are suitable not only for anchoring other equipment to an overhead beam but also serve the purpose of allowing girders to be hoisted safely in various commercial scenarios.

Performance potential

When looking at lifting gear of all types, including beam clamps such as those found here, you need to be conscious of the capabilities of each product that you study.

Take into account things like the load capacity for which a clamp is rated so that you are certain that it will be a safe and secure addition to your collection of kit.

There are lots of variations within this range, with safe limits for clamps starting out at a few hundred kilograms and ranging right up to 10 tonnes. Take advantage of our contact info below if you are uncertain or need assistance when choosing a beam clamp, especially if you have questions about performance and safety.

Other attachment options

As already mentioned, our array of lifting equipment is second to none and includes plenty of other attachments for beam-based lifting duties, such as full beam trolleys. These trolleys allow for an excellent degree of manoeuvrability and can help you handle heavy loads using a lifting gantry in a way that overcomes many of the risks of manual handling.

You might also want to use your beam attachments in combination with a jib crane assembly. We produce our own range of jib cranes, with fall, floor and beam-mounted models to consider. These can be fully customised to your liking, with all of the attachments and extras you require.

You can also seek out other specific pieces of equipment to give you the edge in terms of productivity and efficiency. We have manual chain blockselectric hoists and much more, as well as accessories including lifting shackles.

Ask us about beam clamps

We are happy to help you figure out which beam clamps you should order, or guide you further with product info and advice. Just give us a call on 01384 76961 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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