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Lgd beam clamp

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LGD Beam Clamp

LGD Beam Clamp

The LGD beam clamp offers an affordable way to attach lifting equipment to a beam. They are commonly used on the beams of Jib cranes or lifting gantry systems to facilitate the attachment of a hoisting device, all of which we can supply.

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About the LGD Beam Clamp

The LGD beam clamp acts as a semi-permanent attachment point for hoisting devices, the clamp will remain in its fitted position and cannot move across the beam like a beam trolley can.

Our fixed beam clamp can be adjusted to fit many beam sizes thanks to the robust screw pin adjuster. The clamp incorporates special recessed areas which sit on the lower flange of a beam, so in order to fit correctly you will need to open up the screw until the clamp recesses can fit onto the beam, once in position the screw can be tightened up to close the clamp recesses around the beam flange until it is as tight as possible to ensure it is secure.

As you can see, this is an easy clamp to fit; they are robustly made and suitable for heavy duty applications. The specialist design of the jaws enables the forces that are applied by a load to be diverted away from the edges of the flange thus reducing the stresses placed on them.

You can be assured of a good quality beam clamp which meets necessary performance requirements and comes with an EC declaration of conformity.

Beam Clamp Safety and Maintenance

As with all lifting equipment there are safety procedures to follow to ensure the clamp remains in safe working condition and remains safe whilst in use. Many safety aspects are common sense, some are a little more technical. In brief, make sure the clamp has the correct safe working load lifting capacity for the loads to be lifted. Always check that the clamp is fitted securely to the beam, checking at regular intervals that it remains tightly screwed into place.

The centre of gravity also plays an important part in the safety of a lift; you should ensure the load is in-line with gravities centre in the lifting eye on the clamp, this will make sure the lifting eye is not loaded from a side angle, this is an unsafe practice and may cause severe accidents.

Maintenance procedures should be adopted to ensure ongoing safety of the beam clamp. Regular checks for cracks, distortions, missing screws, wheel damage etc. should be carried out. If you discover any type of defect, no matter how minor it may seem, you must take it out of service until it has been checked by a professional.  Thorough examinations/inspections should be carried out by a competent person every 6 months; certification will be issued on completion for your records to show you are following the correct LOLER procedure.

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