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Drum Handling Equipment

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Our drum handling equipment section includes many types of equipment to assist with the handling of different types of drums and barrels. From drum tongs, drum lifters & drum trucks to forklift mounted and crane mounted drum handling. Always remember that even this type of lifting equipment needs inspecting too, check out our lifting gear inspections page.

drum handling equipment types

Drum tongs & lifters

We have a variety of drum tongs and drum lifters available which are usually fixed to a hoist’s hook to facilitate the lifting of the drum or barrel, the range includes equipment which can attach to drums in different ways with some enabling lifting in a vertical orientation and some in a horizontal orientation.

Drum trucks

Drum trucks a similar to pallet trucks in that they enable easy movement of drums and barrels around the workplace, there are many different models to choose from which allow carrying the drums in a variety of ways, some even enable tipping the drum for emptying. We also have a range of hydraulic drum trucks for even easier handling.

Forklift mounted drum handling equipment

This excellent range can make an existing forklift truck extremely versatile; simply slip them onto the forks and drum handling and emptying just got so much quicker and easier. The range includes models for simple lifting, both horizontally and vertically with varying drum connection types. We have models which can rotate the drum to aid stacking or emptying.

Crane mounted drum handling

We supply a range of drum handling equipment which can be attached to the hook on a crane, to enable existing cranes to be utilised for drum handling, some models allow the drum to be rotated. These attachments are dual purpose and can also be mounted to a forklift truck.

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