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Electric Chain Hoists

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Electric Chain Hoists


Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we pride ourselves on being able to offer an incredibly extensive range of electric hoists, designed to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. All of the products in this range are amongst our best-selling pieces of equipment, thanks to their flexibility and versatility in being able to adapt to a variety of industrial lifting operations.

Thanks to the extensive range of products on offer, it’s easy for any industrial setup to choose the right hoists for the job – whether your business is relatively small or if your setup operates on a much larger scale. Our products’ weight bearing capabilities range from as little as 125kg all the way through to 10,000kg, with a choice of two or four chain falls. Lifting speeds can vary extensively, from 1.5m to 12m per minute.


  • Demag Electric Hoists

    Demag Electric Hoists

    Demag have been producing electric hoists since 1910 and their current model range are known for their excellent performance, reliability and operating safety. The range incorporates models to suit the majority of everyday lifting tasks, even providing wind turbines with precise positioning with the DC wind model.

    Lifting Gear Direct can supply the full range of Demag compact electric hoists at the most competitive prices; we offer the DC-COM, a dual speed hoist with SWL up to 2 tonne; the DC-PRO with adjustable pendant control and SWL up to 5 tonne; the DCS-PRO with variable speeds and SWL up to 3.5 tonne and the DCM-PRO & DCMS-PRO for lighter lifts up to 250kg.

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  • Donati Electric Hoists

    Donati Electric Hoists

    Donati, established in 1930 is now part of the Terex corporation and are a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment including electric hoists.

    Lifting Gear Direct can supply the DMK electric hoist which is available in a range of lifting capacities from 125kg up to 4000kg with single or dual speed options. The DMK series comes in a range of configurations to suit your lifting requirements whether it is in a fixed location with a fixed hook or eye suspension or you need it to travel over a beam etc. For which there are a range of trolleys to choose from including push travel, electric and low headroom versions.

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  • GIS Electric Hoist

    GIS Electric Hoist

    GIS electric hoists are Swiss made and impose excellent quality, reliability and precision for most lifting applications.

    We can offer the 3 models in the GIS range of electric hoists providing a variety of options to best suit your lifting requirements. The GCH boasts safe working loads up to 5 tonne and possesses excellent safety credentials; the GPM is somewhat smaller with lifting capacities up to 250kg and has 2 lifting speeds; The GCH wind, with a safe working load of 250kg is a compact hoist designed for use on wind turbines.

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  • Kito Electric Hoists

    Kito Electric Hoists

    The Kito brand was established in Tokyo in 1932 and developed its first electric chain hoist in 1958.

    We can supply 3 of Kito’s efficient electric hoists to provide excellent lifting performance throughout a wide range of operations.

    The smallest and most compact hoist in the range is the KD model which can lift up to 480kg in weight; the mid range model is the EQ which possesses variable speeds and a swl up to 1 tonne; The largest model is the heavy duty ER hoist which boasts lifting capacities up to 20 tonne with single or dual lifting speeds.

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  • Liftket Electric Hoists

    Liftket Electric Hoists

    Liftket electric hoists are German made and were the first to introduce the clutch brake system which eliminates the risk of a load slipping if the clutch is damaged or worn.

    Lifting Gear Direct can supply the Star Liftket electric hoist in numerous configurations, direct to you at competitive prices. The Star hoist is available in numerous models with varying safe working loads up to 6300kg, It possesses a high duty rate, even in tropical climates due to the force cooled motor with cooling fins to transmit heat to the surrounding air.

    The modular design with all parts accessible and interchangeable means easy and low maintenance.

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  • Stahl Electric Hoists

    Stahl Electric Hoists

    Stahl is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of electric hoists and are well known for their reliability, precision, safety, power and above all, quality. Designed and manufactured to the highest of standards using the latest technology; the modular designs enable many off-standard solutions and easy maintenance.

    Lifting Gear Direct supply the 2 newest electric hoists from Stahl, the ST which has lifting capacities up to 6300kg; This is possibly the safest chain hoist on the market due to the direct suspension to the cast iron chain guide—the load is supported from where the load engages.

    The SC is a new energy efficient electric hoist comes in various models with safe working loads up to 5 tonne. Easy to use and maintain with the modular design and plug in components. Available as a stationary hoist or mobile hoist which incorporates a push travel or electric trolley.

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  • Verlinde Electric Hoists

    Verlinde Electric Hoists

    Leading French manufacturer Verlinde produced its first electric hoist in 1918 and has become a trusted brand in the lifting industry.

    Lifting Gear Direct can supply 5 models from Verlinde enabling a good choice for a variety of lifting applications including stage and theatre operations; The Stagemaker range is an industrial hoist, carefully adapted for the entertainment industry; The SM is perfect for touring shows/concerts with a SWL up to 5 tonne; The SR is somewhat smaller with a lifting capacity up to 500kg.

    The industrial hoists include the VR which boasts contemporary, fluid lines and maximum safety and comes with a vast range of options. The VL comes in lifting capacities up to 10 tonne and also has many options available, the VL is ideal for use with manual or electric trolleys on Jib cranes, overhead cranes and gantry systems.

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  • Yale Electric Hoists

    Yale Electric Hoists

    Yale is part of the Columbus McKinnon Corporation with 140 years of experience; their electric hoists are instantly recognisable and are well respected for their reliability within the lifting gear industry. Lifting Gear Direct have been a leading distributor of Yale electric hoists for many years and have been awarded distributor of the year numerous times.

    We can offer the full range of Yale’s electric hoists including the popular CPV hoist and the CPV/F which includes an integrated trolley and comes in lifting capacities up to 2 tonnes; we also supply the CPE and CPE/F with integral trolley which boast safe working loads up to a massive 10 tonnes. The CPS is the smallest hoist weighing in at just 12kg making it very easy to handle and transport, it comes with safe working loads up to 250kg. The Lodestar is a well respected hoist known for its durability even in the most demanding situations.

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