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Pull, Lift & Tension at any length with a Wire Rope Cable Puller, Buy online

Cable pullers or wire rope pulling machines can be a convenient, effective winch option for a variety of duties, they make a great forestry winch with their compact size and surprising power creating an excellent combination suitable for safe lifting, pulling and load tensioning. Lifting Gear Direct has lots of options in the cable winch puller and wire rope winch categories, Prices start under £145, so read on for the lowdown.

Deltafor Cable Puller Winch Deltafor Cable Puller Winch

Deltafor Cable Puller Winch


About the Deltafor cable puller winch The Deltafor wire rope cable puller is ..

800kg Cable Puller (economy range)

800kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 800kg Cable Puller Cable pullers are the ideal tool for all work..

Yale LMG Cable Grip / Little Mule Yale LMG Cable Grip / Little Mule

Yale LMG Cable Grip / Little Mule


About the Yale LMG Cable Grip This device can be used with cable or wire rope..

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 1600kg Cable Puller Lift, pull and tension loads easily with thi..

3200kg Cable Puller (economy range)

3200kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 3200kg Cable Puller This Cable puller is ideal to lift..

Tirfor Winch TU8

Tirfor Winch TU8


Tirfor Winch TU8  Basics The heavy duty Tirfor TU8 model is the lightest o..

Tirfor Winch TU16

Tirfor Winch TU16


Tirfor Winch TU16  Basics The heavy duty Tirfor TU16 has a maximum lifting..

Tirfor Winch TU32

Tirfor Winch TU32


Tirfor Winch TU32 Basics The Tirfor TU32 is the largest and heaviest of the TU ..

Y08 Yaletrac cable puller Y08 Yaletrac cable puller

Y08 Yaletrac cable puller


 Y08 Yaletrac cable puller Features This 800kg capacity model is compact &..

Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller

Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller


Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller Features This 1600kg capacity model is lightweight at..

Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller

Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller


Y32 Yaletrac cable Puller Features This larger capacity 3200kg cable puller wei..

Yaletrac ST Cable Puller


Key Features of the Yaletrac ST Cable PullerThis easy to use cable puller is v..

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Cable Pullers

Why use a cable puller?

There are a number of challenges which come with handling wire rope cables manually, whether for lifting kit, securing loads in place or pulling heavy objects into position. These pullers are commonly used by arborists, vehicle recovery services and many more.

If you want to lessen the physical effort and strain of such tasks, a cable puller can be a worthy ally. All Cable pullers come with a stated safe working load, however by using the sheave block technique it is possible to increase this if done correctly. 

sheave block technique

Unlike other winches we stock, a cable puller will be compact and easy to transport in comparison. Our high quality models are also straightforward to maintain and represent a cost-effective investment for a variety of commercial users.

Our Range of Cable Pullers

At Lifting Gear Direct, we stock both premium and economy range cable pullers / cable winch puller, giving you a range of options depending on your individual requirements. You can view our Tirfor Winch page here.
Our premium range wire rope pulling machines are produced by Tirfor and Yale; two of the most reliable and reputable brands on the market. The Yale cable pullers shown on this page are lightweight and compact, offering excellent stability. Meanwhile our Tirfor wire rope pullers range includes both lightweight and heavy duty products, capable of handling working load limits of up to 3,200kgs.

In addition, we stock an imported economy range, which consists of 800kg, 1,600kg and 3,200kg cable puller models. All three models are simple to use, easy to maintain and come complete with 20 metres of wire rope.

Additional Wire Rope Puller options

Lifting Gear Direct has hundreds of impressive lifting equipment products to consider, with cable pullers being just one aspect of what we stock and supply to customers of all sizes.

Our wire rope winches might be suitable if you are looking for a way to handle heavy loads both in fixed positions and on the move. We have manual winches and electric winches, as well as pneumatic winches to cover the full range of potential use cases.

For other lifting duties, we have everything from builders’ hoists to jib cranes, with full product specs and instructive videos available throughout our website.  Don't forget we can also supply lifting slings, shackles and other connectors as well as wire rope which can be made up to suit your needs.

Get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct

Individual product descriptions for our cable pullers can be easily viewed online, while further information can be sought by filling out our rapid enquiry form. Our staff are knowledgeable and our prices are extremely competitive, so get in touch today!


What is a cable puller?

A cable puller is an easy to use device which incorporates clamping jaws which move in a manner which pulls the wire rope cable through in small increments. Each jaw movement occurs with the crank of a lever and depending on the setting the cable and load attached can be pulled through forwards or in reverse.

What is the difference between a cable puller and a Tirfor winch?

Very little! They both work in the same way and do the same job. The Tirfor winch is the original design of a cable puller.

What length of wire rope can a cable puller handle?

A cable puller can handle any length of wire rope due to the fact that the cable simply passes through the device, in one end and out the other.

What are the maximum lifting and pulling capacities of a cable puller?

This will depend on the cable puller model chosen, there are 3 typical safe working load models, 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg, although the pulling capacity can be increased by using sheave blocks which can also deflect the pulling angle.

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