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Load moving and loading goods and other heavy materials often requires specialised load moving equipment such as pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, hydraulic tablesload moving skates and more. Reduce strain on workers and improve productivity with some of the best products on the market at keen prices. We stock many different products in this category here at Lifting Gear Direct, so browse our extensive product range to find your optimal load mover.

500kg Scissor Lift Table TF50


About the TF50 Scissor Lift Table 500kg  With a half tone load capacity an..

1000kg Scissor Lift Table TF100


About the TF100 Scissor Lift Table 1000kg Sitting at the top of the TF series i..

150kg Scissor Lift Table TF15


About the TF15 Scissor Lift Table 150kg One of many scissor table lifts we supp..

2500kg Pallet Truck BF2500A


Part of our pallet truck range, the BF2500A is an effective, efficient option fo..

300kg Scissor Lift Table TF30


About the TF30 Scissor Lift Table 300kg  Designed for ease of use and conv..

5000kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck HP50S


About the 5000KG Heavy Duty Pallet Truck Lifting Gear Direct supplies a multitu..

750kg Scissor Lift Table TF75


About the TF75 Scissor Lift Table 750kg  The higher capacity stable mate t..

Long Pallet Truck HPTA20


Features of the Long Pallet Truck This long pallet truck is built to the highes..

Pfaff Non-standard Special Pallet trucks


About the Pfaff Non-standard Special Pallet trucks With a range of lifting..

Pfaff Standard Pallet Trucks


About the Pfaff Standard Pallet TruckThese premium quality trucks can be used wi..

Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS

Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS


About the Viper 360 Machine Skates – VRS The 360 degree rotating wheels on th..

Viper Machine Moving Skate Set – VMMS Viper Machine Moving Skate Set – VMMS

Viper Machine Moving Skate Set – VMMS


About the Viper Machine Moving Skate Set - VMMS Series There are 4 key compon..

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Load Moving Equipment

Using Load Moving Equipment to Increase Productivity

Using load moving equipment in the workplace can not only reduce physical effort and strain but increase productivity due to the increased speed at which loads can be moved around.

Lifting Gear Direct supplies a full range of load moving equipment for all your material handling needs. Our range of sturdy equipment including quality products designed especially for moving large and heavy loads. We are proud to stock the very best products from leading brands in the industry.

Whatever the load and lifting capacity you are looking for, we have a model that will safely and effectively handle your materials up to 100 tonnes. Our range of loading & moving equipment includes pallet trucks, these are probable the most widely used piece of load moving equipment and we can supply manual and electric models  and trucks with varying sized forks. In fact we have a pallet truck to suit the majority of load moving operations; we also supply load moving skates designed specifically for lightweight, heavy duty and extra heavy duty loads. Models for heavier loads include special turntables with large bearings to ensure ease of movement. We also supple load moving skates with tracks instead of wheels, also known as caterpillar skates.

We can also supply an excellent range of scissor lift tables in both manual and electric formats; these are perfect for the regular movement of loads throughout warehouses, factories and production plants.

Pallet truck options

Palletised goods can be tricky to manoeuvre, especially if you want to avoid using heavy equipment due to the amount of space available, or for simple reasons of practicality. With a pallet truck to hand you will have ample opportunity to shift cargo efficiently and our line up includes models from big brands including Pfaff.

There are plenty of payload capacities found throughout this range, with some light duty pallet trucks providing up to 300kg of WLL, while others can offer more than 3 tonnes of capacity to play with.

Manually handled pallet trucks are the most affordable on our site but as mentioned earlier you can find higher end devices that provide powered operation to take the strain out of shifting larger loads.

Scissor lift table line up

Combining manoeuvrability with strength, our scissor lift tables make sense in various commercial contexts, especially when manufacturing workloads need to be managed in a flexible, productive way.

Once again you need to look carefully at the capacity of the scissor lift table you are considering before you order, since some models offer a few hundred kilos of WLL while others have several tonnes. Brands like Ace are available in this category, so the quality is second to none. We import and supply equipment from international sellers to make sure that customers in the UK have the widest array of choice, as well as the best prices at their disposal.

Load moving skates selection

Combining the convenience of a contemporary design with the reliability of a tried and tested load lifting mechanism, our load moving skates can help out whatever your material handling needs.

No two products in this line up are identical in terms of specs or capabilities, so look out for bonus features such as stabilisers, load rotation plates, different roller materials and of course varied capacities.

Brands such as Steerman and Raptor are amongst those you will find in our load moving skates category. We provide as much information as possible on each product page, so you can delve into specific performance capabilities and limitations by clicking through.

Alternative material handling solutions

Lifting Gear Direct has a whole host of products from brands big and small, spanning several different categories, of which material handling is just one.

If you have varied lifting duties to complete, our crane and gantry systems can be a good investment, for example. If you just need some accessories to add to your current assembly, we sell everything from eye bolts to gin wheels right here.

You can also rely on Lifting Gear Direct to get you the best in wire rope products, as well as providing a multitude of different options in our height safety equipment catalogue for industries of all kinds.

Get in touch today

If you need help choosing the right load moving equipment for your needs, contact us by completing our enquiry form. You can find the form here, or call Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961 if you would rather ask us load moving equipment questions over the phone.


What are the main types of load moving equipment?

Pallet trucks, load moving skates, scissor lift tables and furniture movers are probably the most popular types of load moving equipment. You can also find pallet stackers, crane forks, static lift platforms and trucks with incorporated scales at Lifting Gear Direct.

What is the best way to move large furniture & appliances?

There are a few different ways to aid in the moving of heavy cabinet type items. Load moving skates are ideal and simply slide under the heavy load. For larger cabinets a furniture mover may be a better option as they offer more load stability whilst in motion. You can get manual or hydraulic furniture movers, both are effective movers and pretty simple to use although will take up more space in storage than skates.

What are the best types of Pallet handling equipment?

Pallet trucks are probably the easiest and most popular method for handling palletised loads. The pallet, complete with load can be raised slightly off the ground so it can be easily moved to the required location. Pallet stackers are also great for moving pallets around, however they can also lift them much higher, this enables the palletised load to be stacked with relative ease.

What is the difference between a scissor lift table and a hydraulic lift platform?

A scissor lift table uses a hydraulic ram to raise and lower the table top, they incorporate castors so that the table and its contents can be moved around easily; ideal for piece work and production lines. A hydraulic lift platform does not have wheels. It is a static table that is great for lifting objects to a more suitable height for working on, repairs and maintenance. They are also commonly used in machine feeding areas.

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