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Forklift snow ploughs and scrapers

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Forklift Snow Ploughs and Scrapers

Buy a forklift snow plough to keep your workplace operational in bad weather

or a yard scraper for clearing debris and hazards.

Forklift snow ploughs and scrapers are ideal attachments to fit to your forklift truck for yard and workplace clearing and can be purchased from Lifting Gear Direct. Clear large areas of debris and/or snow with a single pass of the plough or scraper, whilst making the most use of your forklift truck. 

Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade


About the Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade When the snow hits, working c..

Adjustable Blade Forklift Snow Plough


Adjustable Blade Forklift Snow Plough Features Made from heavy duty steel wit..

Forklift Sprung Snow Plough


Forklift Sprung Snow Plough Features This high quality, robust forklift snow ..

Yard Scraper Forklift Attachment


About the Yard Scraper Forklift Attachment Ideal for larger working areas, in..

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Why Use Forklift Snow Ploughs and Scrapers?

Snow plough and yard scraper attachments for forklifts are great devices for keeping your workplace clear of potentially hazardous debris. This could include fallen leaves, rubble/gravel, snow and more. When any of these types of items cover the ground they can cause a person to slip and/or trip, potentially causing an injury. They can also prevent goods from being moved around smoothly.

So, if you own a forklift truck and these types of debris cause you issues then why not invest in a snow plough or yard scraper. They can be used indoors for warehouse and factory floors as well as out doors for car parking areas, working yards and other areas owned by your company.

Using this or any other type of forklift attachment greatly enhances the uses of a forklift truck and therefore can be a cost effective material handling solution for your workplace.

Forklift Snow Plough Options

Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a good choice snow plough forklift attachments, one has a fixed scoop, one has an adjustable scoop and the other has a spring loaded scoop. Each model has a heavy duty steel rolled wear strip at the bottom edge for ploughing through the toughest conditions. Some models also have replaceable rubber blade inserts for additional wear protection for the steel wear strip and the floor.

Each snow plough has a concave shape and is either angled or adjustable to enable snow and debris to be ploughed to a specific side or centrally depending on the model chosen. There is a good choice of plough lengths for each option so carefully consider your storage area options as well as the size of the area you wish to clear.

A forklift snow plough attachment will greatly help to keep your working operations going through the winter whilst aiding the safety of your workforce and equipment.

Forklift Yard Scraper Attachment

Forklift scraper attachments easily fit onto the forks of your forklift truck. Thanks to the 3 sided design they enable you to scrape up and push debris and waste materials together into one specific pile/place so that is can be picked up easier for disposal. Ideal for warehouses, metal processing plants, factory floors and the majority of yard clearing tasks and so much quicker and easier than a manual yard broom.

More Forklift Truck Attachments

Forklift sweeper and brush attachments are other good options to aid in clearing and cleaning up of your working areas. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of these along with forklift attachments to suit many other types of loads. Forklift attachments make great additional use of your truck which would probably be sitting idle. They also speed up your material handling applications so browse our vast collection to find your perfect attachment.


How can I clear snow from the workplace yard

If you have a forklift truck then a forklift snow plough attachment is an ideal solution, clear large areas in one sweep, funnelling snow to the side.

What is a forklift yard scraper?

These yard scrapers are simple 3 sided forklift truck attachments which can scrape wet or dry debris from the surface of your working area in no time.

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