Ratchet straps and lashings

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Ratchet Straps & Lashings

Ratchet Straps for Sale

Ratchet Straps and Lashings are a type of load restraint which comes in a vast array of sizes and strengths; they are used predominantly as tie down straps for tying down cargo and securing items together. Whether you need lorry ratchet straps, small ratchet straps or heavy duty ratchet straps you can get them all from Lifting Gear Direct at great prices. 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 75mm straps are readily available.
A ratchet lashing is quite a simple piece of apparatus which essentially consist of a couple of lengths of flat webbing material with anchor fittings at one end and a ratchet buckle mechanism which is fixed to one strap.

25mm Ratchet Lashing


About 25mm Wide Ratchet Lashings With plenty of ratchet lashing products to pic..

35mm Ratchet Lashing


About 35mm Wide Ratchet Lashings  Stop loads shifting unnecessarily during..

50mm Ratchet Lashing 50mm Ratchet Lashing

50mm Ratchet Lashing


About 50mm Wide Ratchet Lashings With twice the width of our narrowest ratchet ..

75mm Ratchet Lashing


About 75mm Ratchet Lashings Currently the widest of our ratchet lashing line up..

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Ratchet Straps & Lashings

Using Ratchet Straps

Using a ratchet lashing is a relatively easy process and can take just a few minutes to secure a load once you have the hang of it. The two ends of the strap will have a special fitting attached which will enable you to anchor it onto a secure point, this is often a particular cargo anchor point on a vehicle, perhaps anchor points in a boot or rear of a van or maybe a roof rack.

Once the 2 webbing straps are anchored they can be passed over/wrapped around the load to be secured, making sure the straps do not become twisted. The strap with the free end can then be passed through the take-up spool /drum on the ratchet handle, from here you need to pull the webbing through until there is just enough slack to get your hand under easily. Next you can begin to crank the ratchet handle which will tighten the strap to the necessary tension required to ensure the load cannot move.

Why use Tie Down Straps?

Load security is of paramount importance, when you are out driving you will have probably seen vehicles with precariously balanced loads and/or loads which have not been secured correctly and are loose and moving around.

This can be extremely dangerous; particularly for other drivers and pedestrians should the load be shed. A lorry which sheds its load over the road has many implications, most importantly it puts other drivers in extreme danger, firstly because it will cause the vehicle/s directly behind to swerve and brake suddenly, vehicles to the side and indeed rear can be crushed or seriously damaged if the load falls on them, and again causing that vehicle to swerve and brake quickly, it is these actions which often cause the pile-ups we see on our motorways, and can cause serious injuries, damage and even road closures which will also have a knock-on effect to other people’s lives, businesses and deliveries etc. These scenarios can easily be averted by tying down loads correctly, ratchet straps or other type of cargo restraints are a key piece of equipment when it comes to load safety.

Small Ratchet Straps to Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

Available from our range of lifting equipment our ratchet tie down straps are produced from high quality polyester webbing; polyester is used because of its excellent properties which include UV resistance, water resistance, low stretch qualities and great durability, polyester also has good resistance to oils and chemicals, mould and mildew which makes them perfect for use outdoors and for keeping in your work vehicle.

We have a wide range of ratchet lashings to choose from small ratchet straps to heavy duty ratchet straps including mini, 25mm wide ratchets, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm wide ratchet straps; there is also the endless ratchet straps where there is just one piece of webbing and are ideal for roof rack load securing and securing loads to pallets as well as simply securing multiple objects together.

We have our own facilities where bespoke ratchet straps and other webbing products such as web slings can be custom made to your requirements. Our industrial sewing machines and experienced machinists will ensure your ratchet lashing is made to high standards and can be tailored to whatever length, width and fitting you need.

Ratchet Strap Accessories/Fittingsratchet strap fittings

There is a really good range of fittings to pick from for the ends of your ratchet lashing; the range includes a variety of hooks such as rave hooks, claw hooks, snap hooks, chassis hooks and delta links. These can all be stitched into the ratchet strap during manufacture to ensure a strong and secure anchor point. We also have a range of different ratchet handles/buckles which you can choose from including long and short handle varieties and wide or narrow versions. The majority will incorporate locking mechanisms though there is a non-locking model which has a pull release device instead. We can also supply stainless steel ratchet handles which can be of great benefit in marine applications.

Ordering Lashing straps with Lifting Gear Direct

Whatever your cargo restraint needs are, whether you need ratchet straps, load binders, cam buckles, rope or chain, Lifting Gear Direct can help. To talk through your needs with a member of our team you can call 01384 76961. If you know exactly what you want you can call us to place an order or you can email your requirements via our contact page here, where an order can also be placed.


What is a ratchet strap?

A ratchet strap is a device used for securing loads. This type of load restraint consists of webbing straps and a ratcheting handle. There are usually a couple of webbing straps with anchoring fittings at the end to secure to suitable anchor points. One strap, usually a shorter piece, will incorporate the ratchet handle. When the longer web strap is passed through the handle the lever can be cranked back and forth to pull the webbing through thus tightening it.

How wide are ratchet lashings?

Ratchet lashings come in a variety of sizes with mini ratchets being 25mm wide and our largest being 75mm wide with ratchet handles to suit. 35mm and 50mm options are also popular options. With our own workshop we can often custom make a ratchet lashing to suit your requirements.

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