25mm ratchet lashing

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25mm Ratchet Lashing

25mm Ratchet Lashing

Buy our mini ratchet lashings which are just 25mm wide in any length and at great prices. We can make ratchet straps to suit your needs in house to provide the best prices around.

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About 25mm Wide Ratchet Lashings

With plenty of ratchet lashing products to pick from here at Lifting Gear Direct, you are sure to stumble upon the ideal item to help with your load restraint safety needs. This particular model has a width of just 25mm and is the narrowest example we offer in this category. 

Purpose of ratchet straps

All ratchet lashings, including this 25mm wide example, are intended to help keep cargo secured during transport, or to affix two or more objects to one another. 

The main body of the lashing is made using hard wearing webbing which will survive plenty of punishment without compromising on performance. A ratchet mechanism at one end is used to tighten the lashing and brace it against the items it is restraining. 

Performance potential and alternative products

The narrowness of this lashing means that it has a lower rated strength in comparison with its larger counterparts. It has a minimum breaking load of 800kg and can be ordered from LGD in a variety of lengths, which lets you invest in a ratchet lashing that is tailored to your requirements. 

Elsewhere in our load restraint product line up you will find standard rope, alongside load binders with specialist designs as well as cam buckles. These are just some of the many hundreds of lifting equipment options available on our site. 

Ask about our products

You may have questions concerning 25mm wide ratchet lashings and other kit on our site, in which case you should email LGD or call our experts on 01384 76961.