50mm ratchet lashing

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50mm Ratchet Lashing

50mm Ratchet Lashing

The 50mm wide ratchet lashing is just one product choice from out cargo restraints range and has a range of buckle options to choose from. You can buy the 50mm ratchet strap today from Lifting Gear Direct.

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About 50mm Wide Ratchet Lashings

With twice the width of our narrowest ratchet lashings, this 50mm wide product offers over double the rated assembly strength and breaking load, showing how the power and performance can increase exponentially when you increase the size of load restraint products. 

What you need to know about 50mm ratchet straps

Although it may have different specific performance limits to its stable mates, this 50mm wide ratchet lashing still benefits from the same basic design. In short, it features a length of flat webbing with an anchor point at one end and a ratchet mechanism at the other. 

When you have a load that needs to be secured for the purposes of preventing movement during transport, this lashing will come into its own. The assembly has a rated strength of up to 2000kg and a breaking load of 5000kg, which will give you peace of mind if you are shifting precious cargo from A to B. 

Other options

There are lots of ways to restrain loads in different commercial scenarios, so Lifting Gear Direct can help out with a bevy of brilliant products fit for every occasion. 

Hardwearing rope is available in almost any length you might need, made to be lighter weight than an equivalent chain while also creating less problems for anyone who needs to handle it. Cam buckles and plenty of other load binders can be ordered from us. 

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