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Lifting Gear Direct are your one stop shop for all types of slings used for lifting tasks. Webbing straps are popular along with chain, flat web, round, disposable one-ways and wire rope  varieties as well as fibre rope slings: all types have different advantages and disadvantages and so will be better suited for some lifts more than others.

Although there are many different types of slings for lifting heavy loads, they can all be used for a variety of lifting purposes together with other hoisting equipment,

Our team are happy to offer advice should you need help in choosing the best option for your lifting application. We make up many of our slings in our own factory so can be tailor made to suit. Repairs, testing and inspections of your lifting slings can also be carried out by our trained engineers. 

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

1 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


1 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features Here we have a 1 tonne duplex web sling which..

1 Tonne Round Sling

1 Tonne Round Sling


About the 1 Tonne Round Sling Part of our lifting sling range, this 1 tonne rou..

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain


About Grade 316 Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chain There is much more to t..

Grade 40 High Tensile Steel Pump Lifting Chain


Just one of the options available in our pump lifting chain range, this particul..

Grade 50 Stainless steel Pump Lifting Chain


For the ultimate in corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, our grade 50 stai..

2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

2 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


About the 2 Tonne Duplex Web sling This is a 2 tonne duplex web sling, perfec..

2 Tonne Round Sling

2 Tonne Round Sling


About the 2 Tonne Round Sling Round slings are an appealing lifting option if y..

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


 About Grade 8 Single Leg Chain Slings Part of our chain sling line u..

Tycan Lifting Chain


About Tycan Lifting ChainManufactured from 100% Dyneema man-made fibre (the wo..

3 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

3 Tonne Duplex Web Sling


3 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features At Lifting Gear Direct you can order lifting ..

3 Tonne Round Sling

3 Tonne Round Sling


About the 3 Tonne Round Sling If you are shifting something fragile, a round sl..

Double Leg chain Sling grade 8 Double Leg chain Sling grade 8

Double Leg chain Sling grade 8


About the Grade 8 Double Leg Chain Sling Packing a pair of legs rather tha..

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Lifting Slings

Lifting Sling Basics

Lifting Slings come in many forms and enable the lifting of heavy and cumbersome loads when used with a hoist. Lifting Gear Direct can help with your choice. A chain sling comes with a range of fittings and can be made to suit your specific requirements. They can be made up into a single leg or 2 leg chain sling, 3 or 4 leg chain set up; 2 leg and  4 leg versions are the most popular. A webbing sling, often termed lifting straps and lifting strops, are used in much the same way but offer a softer and cheaper alternative whilst offering more protection to the load. Webbing varieties include the flat web sling, round slingone way lifting slings, endless sling and duplex web sling types. Lifting Gear Direct are also able to supply fibre rope slingspump lifting chains and wear sleeves to suit all types of slings. Find out more about our other types below.

How Lifting Slings Are Made By our Team

Here is a short video on how we make our slings.

Chain sling & Lifting Chains

Chain slings are very versatile and can have 1,2,3 or 4 legs and can also be utilised in different hitch types and with many types of hooks and catches at the ends. Along with other connectors and master links they can be adapted for many different types of loads. We also supply stainless steel chain and components alongside our standard steel chain, in grade 8 and 10 steel.  

We stock quality lifting chains & components from top brands, including sets from Pewag, hooks from Rud, chains from Cartec and many more besides. Having such respected names available at competitive prices is a real boon. And on each product page you will find in-depth technical data to go along with basic information about the intended uses.  

Round sling

Round lifting slings are continuously woven, both the core and outer, with no seams, making them soft and strong. They protect loads that may be easily damaged by other types.

As well as being gentle enough to handle loads that are too fragile for abrasive metal chains, the round variety are super durable and will not succumb to the effects of repeated use quickly. Wear and tear will not be an issue and there are a wide variety of working load limits on offer. These slings can handle anywhere from 500 kilos to around 100 tonnes, which is an impressive feat.  

To make things simple, they are colour coded. You will be able to get an idea of the load capacity at a glance thanks to this system.  

Webbing sling - Flat Web Sling

Web slings are flat and woven from heavy duty polyester, they are lightweight and resistant to bacteria and mildew. They can also be used in basket, vertical and choker hitch types and can have an additional sleeve added for extra wear protection.  

We can supply flat web varieties which, like their round counterparts, are easy to distinguish from one another thanks to colour coding. This should leave no room for ambiguity during lifting operations and will ensure safety standards are maintained.  

In terms of load capacity, this type  can be manufactured to work safely with weights of between half a tonne and 80 tonnes, with the aforementioned resilience of the material giving extra peace of mind.  

Disposable One way Lifting slings

Disposable one way slings were designed for one single use, and were used for a single loading and off-loading operation. However recent upgraded safety factors of 7:1 means more than one use is possible.  

We manufacture our single use strops in-house, which means we can fulfil whatever specifications or order criteria you might have. If you need endless slings which can be adapted later with your own attachments, this is an option. If you want us to fit soft eyes before they are shipped, we can make the customisations that are necessary at our cutting edge production facility. We can even add padding to help with specific lifting tasks, just ask!  

Fibre rope slings - Sling Rope

Fibre rope slings or sling rope is available in various types, with hand splicing. Different types of fibre rope will have different properties so check it is suitable for the purpose intended. 

For example, our synthetic rope slings are a popular choice for applications where resistance to weathering is especially important. We offer both polypropylene and nylon fibre ropes, which can withstand exposure to moisture and other atmospheric conditions. If you would prefer to order natural fibre rope, we have sisal, manila and other materials to choose.  

Further customisations to our fibre ropes include different end termination options, including standard hooks and rings or specific shackles that are suitable for the lifting duties you want to achieve.  

Wire rope slings

Wire rope slings can be custom made in any configuration to suit your requirements, with fuse and tapering, pressed end fittings and splicing, with a range of diameters and constructions available.  

As well as standard steel wire rope, we can supply slings made using stainless steel wire rope. The latter delivers extra resilience and resistance to rust, especially in marine environments. Because we design and manufacture ourselves, we can cater to every minute detail you might want to see in the finished product. No task is too big and no request too small for our expert team to fulfil.  

Stainless steel lifting chains and components

Speaking of stainless steel, you can also get chains and components made of this hard wearing material. We can supply stainless steel products from Cromox, including sling and loading hooks, connecting links and lots more besides. We have a similarly broad selection of Gunnebo stainless steel chain parts. Just tell us the type of chain you want made and we can get to work with these high quality products.  

Pump lifting chain

One of our most specific products, our pump lifting chains fulfil an important role in the deployment of submersible pumps, allowing them to be raised and lowered smoothly and consistently.  

Various grades of steel can be used in these chains, each of which is capable of surviving long periods complete submersion in water. You can also specify additional finishes, including an eye-catching polished look, if you have need of a tailor made pump lifting chain solution.  

Wear sleeves

Wear sleeves come in a number of different designs, each of which offers its own benefits. They can be manufactured in whatever length you require, with a similarly extensive range of width options available to accommodate the sling you want to protect.  

Heavy and light duty webbing are offered, delivering varying levels of shielding against the typical wear and tear that a sling will encounter. Of course the added benefit is that they will not leave their mark on the objects they are lifting or the equipment they are attached to when swaddled in a wear sleeve, which helps with lifting safety and durability

Tycan Chain & Components

Tycan chain is an innovative chain made from  Dyneema fibre. It is as strong as chain but much lighter in weight so its easier to handle.  There are also a great choice of components to suit this type of Tycan chain.

Lifting Straps & Lifting Strops - equipment combinations

Depending on the option you choose, there are a number of different types of equipment that can be combined with lifting straps and lifting strops to manoeuvre loads efficiently and safely.  There are a range of components you can choose from which can be added to some types, for example you may need a thimble eye with safety hook spliced into a fibre rope sling or a master link with connectors and grab hooks, our webbing option come with a soft eye at each end as standard.

Lifting Gear Direct can build custom crane and gantry systems. This includes jib cranes and lifting gantries of all shapes and sizes, tailored to your specifications and supplied with the hoisting device and slinging products that will help them work as intended. Our mobile gantries are similarly effective and adaptable; you just need the right lifting sling to take full advantage of what they have to offer. 

Of course you may already have the lifting assembly you need, in which case our hoists and hoisting equipment could be your next port of call. From manual chain hoists to electric hoists and beyond, you have almost endless amounts of options in terms of the equipment you choose to combine with your sling. 

Slinging safety

We have touched briefly on some of the safety issues surrounding the use of lifting slings, as well as equipment in general, but it pays to consider this topic closely to ensure there are no nasty surprises around the corner. 

Whatever option you choose, keeping an eye on the load capacity that each is rated to achieve safely is vital. It is better to give yourself a bit of leeway and have a WLL that is higher than the weight of the loads that you are intending to manoeuvre, rather than risking the alternative. 

Regularly checking the state of repair of your products is similarly essential, as if you spot problematic wear and tear as soon as it emerges, you will not be putting employees at risk of injury

Other lifting accessories

A lifting sling may be a good investment, but what if you are also in need of associated products to accelerate your operations? Lifting Gear Direct can supply lifting accessories and loose tackle of every major type to help you out. 

Take a look at our lifting shackles, peruse our swivel eye bolts, spend some time with our snatch block range and you should be suitably impressed by the variety of products that are on offer. 

Get in touch today

Browse our full selection for full technical details and call our team on 01384 76961 to discuss any particularly specific requirements. You can also drop an email into our inbox with a question about our sling products. We can provide bespoke quotes and information whenever you need it.


What is a lifting sling?

A lifting sling is essentially a strap or set of straps which can be made of steel chain, material webbing, fibre rope or wire rope and must be load rated and certified to lift specified weights safely.

Why should you use a lifting sling?

A lifting sling, whatever the variety enables the lifting of large, heavy or awkward loads that would otherwise be more or less, if not totally impossible to lift by hand without causing an injury. They will also speed up the lifting process, whilst making the load easier to attach to a hoisting device.

What are the main types of lifting slings?

The main types of slings used in industrial lifting applications includes chain, web, round or wire rope varieties. The latest innovation is the dyneema fabric chain sling – Tycan, offering a lighter, quieter and softer sling for better handling and easier transportation. See more details on the Lifting Gear Direct, Tycan chain page.


Bespoke Lifting Sling Manufacturer?

If you are looking for a bespoke, custom made sling for heavy lifting tasks then Lifting Gear Direct can help. We have our own factory facilities where webbing type slings can be made by our skilled team. Chain slings can also be customised by our engineers to suit your requirements. Choose your safe working load, length, width, and/or number of legs as well as the fittings of your choice, the combinations are endless.

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