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Welcome to our main Lifting Equipment Product Category where you will find all our products which are used in mainstream lifting applications, so it could be a crane, a hoist or a lifting shackle for example. Due to the enormity we have divided up our products into smaller sub-categories to enable you to find the products you are looking for faster. 

Our sub-categories are: 

Beam Attachments 

This includes standard beam clamps, manual beam trolleys, geared trolleys and electric trolleys. The clamps we sell come from a range of respected brands, such as Camlok, Crosby, Riley and Gunnebo. Our range of beam trolleys consists of high quality, reliable lifting gear built by Corso, GT, Raptor and Yale. These components are capable of handling a wide variety of loads, with some models offering up to 20,000kg of lifting capacity.  

Crane and Gantry Systems

Here you will find Jib cranes, Mobile gantries, Aluminium gantries, floor cranes and overhead cranes. With a jib crane you can lift and manoeuvre loads efficiently and safely. Our range of lifting equipment includes a number of mounting options, and we can create a configuration that suits your needs. The lightweight gantries we sell provide a framework for all sorts of lifting tasks, with fixed position and mobile setups available. We can supply a full lifting gear system and also repair or maintain an existing gantry or crane. 

Hoists & Hoisting Equipment 

This includes; air hoists; electric hoists, chain blocks, lever hoists, wire rope hoists, scaffold hoists and gantry hoists. We stock hoists of both the powered and manually operated variety, with brands such as JDN, Red Rooster, Kito and many others represented at Lifting Gear Direct. We also offer a number of accessories which can enhance and augment the capabilities of the hoists we sell. This includes buckets which are ideal for material handling tasks, adjustable props for indoor hoist use, scaffold clamps and plenty of other similar products. 

Hydraulic Lifting Equipment 

This incorporates bottle jacks, floor jacks, cylinders and pumps. These compact units are well suited to a range of heavy lifting jobs, from vehicle maintenance to structural engineering work. You can choose from top brands including Enerpac and HiForce, amongst others. Whatever your lifting needs, our market-leading products will be able to keep loads steady and stable.   

Lifting Accessories & Loose Tackle 

Here you can find – eye bolts, shackles, sheave blocks, gin wheels, swivel eye bolts and collared eye bolts. These products are useful for improving the performance of a heavy lifting hoist, or for replacing parts when wear and tear takes its toll. As well as affordable bolts and shackles, you can find accessories from big name manufacturers such as Cromox and RUD This lets you tailor your order according to your requirements as well as your budget. 

Lifting Clamps 

This includes – girder clamps, lifting grabs and various construction clamps. These clamps are designed with a number of specialised uses in mind. For example, at Lifting Gear Direct you can buy lifting grabs which are great for handling very large loads, or those with irregular dimensions. Both single and twin arm hooks are available on our site, with universal size options available alongside custom models that can be modified to your specifications. We also sell clamps that are suited to everything from lifting pipes and boards to kerbstone blocks and manhole covers. This is the section of the site to visit if you want to find a clamp product with a unique purpose. 

Load Restraints 

We have cam buckles, load binders, ratchet straps and rope to choose from. If you regularly haul heavy loads in a commercial vehicle, you need a way to keep them in check. This is exactly what our restraint products provide; security and peace of mind. You can find chains, ropes and ratchet lashings of various lengths and specifications. Many products comply with industry standards for heavy lifting in terms of dimensions and performance, although we can also create bespoke lashings for specific jobs thanks to our on-site machinery. Use the contact information below to find out more about the specialist services we offer to our customers. 

Lifting Slings & Components 

Here you will find chain slings with both chain and components such as connectors, links & hooks; web slings and rope slings. These products are typically used in conjunction with the rest of the lifting equipment we sell. You can complete heavy lifting tasks with the different sling types on offer. From tough chains to sturdy nylon ropes made to measure, the choice is endless. 

Plate Lifting Equipment 

This includes plate clamps, lifting dogs and lifting magnets. When you need to hoist and handle materials like steel sheets, our cutting edge plate lifting gear will be a good investment. Lifting magnets are available with either battery power for added convenience, or in a manual, permanently magnetic configuration. Brands such as Eclipse, Tractel and BUX can be found in this section. Plate lifting clamps provide direct pressure to plates, rather than relying on magnetism alone to move them. Well-designed products from Topal and competing brands are available, with use-specific as well as universal clamps in stock. Finally the sturdy steel lifting dogs are built for heavy lifting, with enough resilience to cope with loads weighing up to 6,000kg. We have end plate, flat plate, large plate and round section plate lifting dogs for you to buy. 

Load & Force Calculation Equipment 

With crane scales and load cells. There is no need to take any risks when you use our equipment to weigh loads accurately. The crane scales are built for industrial scale use and are commonly encountered in foundries and across the manufacturing industry. Our range includes models from Dynafor, Dini Argeo and Straightpoint. The variety of load cells is similarly diverse, ranging from models that can handle a few hundred kilograms up to units rated for several hundred tonnes. Switching between units of measurement is straightforward, so you can see the force a load is exerting in Newtons, as well as its weight in kg or lbs.  


Here you will find cable pullers and wire rope winches. A cable puller is a useful device to have for heavy lifting, as it can operate on wire ropes of any length and operate effectively whether working on horizontal or vertical travel paths. We sell economy range products in this category, as well as premium Tirfor brand products which are built to tackle heavy duty lifting and tensioning tasks. Meanwhile our wire rope winches are available with electric, pneumatic and manual powered operation. Winches from firms like Pfaff and LTM are sold in this category, which guarantees great build quality and consistent performance. 

Wire Rope Products 

Wire rope assemblies and end fittings can be found here. This includes items like thimbles that prevent kinking during heavy lifting, hooks for added safety when lifting heavy loads, sockets that let you connect a wire rope to an anchor point and other crucial components. Safety regulations covering lifting are important, so this is not something that can be overlooked. We sell stainless steel wire rope in different configurations, either without any coating or with a protective layer of PVC in the colour of your choice applied to the surface. The same service is available for the standard steel wire rope you can buy on Lifting Gear Direct. We are proud to supply our customers with all of these lifting products, parts and accessories. 

You can also refer to our infographic on the A to Z of Lifting Equipment. 

We hope you enjoy browsing through our products, however if you cannot find what you are looking for then you can use the rapid enquiry form or you can give us a call where a member of our friendly team will be able to help. 

Lifting Equipment Direct to you from the Leading supplier in the Midlands, Crane systems, hoisting equipment, Plate Lifting, Lifting Accessories and more. 

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