Bs small bow shackle with safety bolt type e

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BS Small Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type E)

BS Small Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type E)

The BS in these BS small bow shackles with safety bolt stands for British Standard; they are a special type of bow shackle due to the more unusual position of the split pin. 

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Alongside our large bow shackles, which are also compliant with industry regulations, you can find affordable yet untested or certified commercial bow shackles. It is sensible to take a balanced approach to cost when selecting shackles, but remember that any operations which involve handling heavy loads should not be conducted using equipment that is not adequately rated for the task.  

Compliance Features of BS Small Bow Shackles 

For additional safety and to comply with British Standards the safety split pin passes directly through both the nut and the bolt, the nut and bolt have been specially drilled in tandem with a hole through it for this specific purpose. This results in the nut being unable to turn and unscrew from the bolt whilst the split pin is in place. This bolt configuration is known as a type 'E' safety bolt and nut pin. 

Composition and Quality

Completely made from high tensile steel these small bow shackles with safety bolt have a 5:1 safety factor rating – MBL (minimum-breaking-load) equals five times the normal working load limit. Safety standards are generally to B.S. 3032 table 2 – 1958. 

Ensuring that lifting gear is up to scratch in terms of safety is crucial, not only because of the need to adhere to regulations on this matter, but also because it is sensible to keep your workforce healthy and happy. From people who operate solo to multinational organisations, there is no excuse for ignoring the need for high quality kit like these small bow shackles. Thankfully when you buy from LGD, you will not have to cut corners. 

Using Small Bow Shackles

These shackles are perfect for use in more permanent type applications as they are not as quick to use and remove but do offer that extra safety when lifting on a regular basis. They are also ideal if there is any friction likely to be enforced on the bolt/pin as the bolt and nut will not be able to unscrew from each other due to the location of the split pin.

B.S. small Dee shackles are also available from Lifting Gear Direct. 

You can browse our full line up of shackles here, encountering not only general purpose lifting tackle options but also specialised units. If you need other kit to compliment your shackle order, we also offer a variety of wire rope products, along with hoists and equipment of all kinds. 

How to Contact us about our Products 

Seeking expert assistance for lifting shackles from LGD is straightforward. You can call 01384 76961 and ask our team for information, guidance or a quote over the phone during our opening hours. Alternatively, you can click through to our contact page where our in-depth response form will let you email us.


Working Load Limit Diameter Bow Diameter Pin Diameter Eye Inside Width Inside Length Width Bow Weight Each  
tons a inch b inch c inch d inch e inch f inch kg bs small bow shackle dimensions
0.5 3/8 1/2 1 5/8 1.1/2 7/8 0.18
1 1/2 5/8 1.1/4 7/8 2 1.1/8 0.34
1.5 5/8 3/4 1.1/2 1.1/8 2.1/2 1.1/2 0.62
2 3/4 7/8 1.3/4 1.3/8 3 1.3/4 1.05
3 7/8 1 2 1.1/2 3.1/2 2 1.63
4 1 1.1/8 2.1/4 1.3/4 4 2.3/8 2.28
5 1.1/8 1.1/4 2.1/2 2 4.1/2 2.5/8 3.2
6.25 1.1/4 1.3/8 2.3/4 2.1/4 5 3 4.54
7.5 1.3/8 1.1/2 3 2.3/8 5.1/2 3.1/4 5.74
9.25 1.1/2 1.3/4 3.1/2 3.5/8 6 3.1/2 8.51
10.5 1.5/8 1.7/8 3.3/4 2.7/8 6.1/2 3.7/8 11.23
12.5 1.3/4 2 4 3.1/8 7 4.1/8 13.47
13 1.7/8 2.1/8 4.1/4 3.5/8 8.3/7 5.1/8 17.03