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Need to move a load across a beam? Buy a Beam Trolley Today

While some beam attachments are designed to stay in a fixed place a beam trolley enables lateral movement across a beam or RSJ and boasts many benefits which are discussed below. Here you will find 3 types of beam trolleys for lifting tasks; a push travel beam trolley is manually pushed across a beam whilst the most popular geared travel trolley requires the pull on a chain. For a trolley which requires no manual exertion, you will need an electric beam trolley. Check out each type more closely to ensure you get the best trolley for your requirements. Buy your chosen beam trolley online, its quick, safe and easy.

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley


About the Delta Push Travel Trolley The Delta push travel beam trolley can fit ..

GT Push Travel Trolley

GT Push Travel Trolley


About the GT Push Travel TrolleyThis push travel beam trolley is ideal for use w..

Adjustable Beam Trolley Clamp

Adjustable Beam Trolley Clamp


About the WH-AT Adjustable Beam TrolleyBritish standards BS 13157:2004 + Al:20..

Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PT


About the Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PTPrecision engineered to a high qua..

GT Geared Travel Trolley


About the GT Geared Travel Beam Trolley Perfect for use with chain blocks and e..

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley


Two size ranges are available to suit beam widths, the size A range isfor smalle..

Hacketts Geared Trolley - WH-GT


About the Hacketts Geared Trolley – WH-GTEasier to use and position precisely th..

Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp

Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp


Key Features of the Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp The CTP is..

Yale VTE Electric Beam Trolley


The VTE electric beam trolley travels across a beam at the touch of a button tha..

Corso Push Travel Trolley


Corso push travel beam trolley benefits There are a number of benefits to usi..

Yale HTG Geared Travel Trolley


There is now 2 new models available which have SWL of 30000 & 50000kg. It is..

Corso Geared Travel Beam Trolley


Key Features of the Corso geared beam trolley The gearing on this type of bea..

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Basic Features & Benefits of a Beam Trolley

There are different varieties of a beam trolley or girder trolley which include a push travel trolley, a geared trolley, or an electric beam trolley. One of the strengths in regards to a beam trolley is the fact that it provides a mobile lifting platform which is ideally suited for a variety of uses. At Lifting Gear Direct, we are proud to offer only the most trusted brand names in regards to these extremely strong beam trolley devices.

Industrial grade beam trolleys 

The attachment of any model is simple and as they are able to support weights of up to twenty thousand kilograms, even the most challenging of jobs can be completed with ease.

While the strength of these trolleys cannot be denied, we must also remember that many industries will need items to be lifted securely from one location to another. Thanks to modern technology and sturdy construction, such transport is as easy as it is safe. Thankfully, the top models can be found easily within this site; further questions can be addressed with the use of our online enquiry form.

Push travel trolley

The most mechanically simple and cost-conscious beam trolleys you can buy will be those designed for push travel purposes. 

The genius of these trolleys is in their simplicity; rather than relying on a separate power source to move from A to B, they can be manoeuvred simply through the physical efforts of the operator. This not only makes them affordable but also means that they are simple to set up and require minimal maintenance, even if they are subject to equipment inspection requirements

One of the most popular push travel beam trolleys on our site is our own-brand model, which provides load capacities starting at 500kg and rising to 5 tonnes on the largest of the lot. We also offer trolleys from other brands, including the Yale HTP which is a range consisting of 10 different models that are designed for different payloads as well as different beam types. 

Geared travel trolley

For a simpler approach to trolley mobility, a geared travel model offers an integrated chain which can be pulled to shift it along the width of the beam as necessary. 

These trolleys are a little more mechanically complex than standard push trolleys and can offer excellent variability in terms of size and capacity, with some models topping out with WLLs of 20 tonnes. 

While the geared, chain-controlled mechanism is effective, efficient, and precise, it still manages to avoid relying on any kind of third party power source, which is an obvious benefit from use in locations where one is not available. 

Electric travel trolley

There are lots of reasons to buy beam trolleys which are powered by electric motors over their manually operated counterparts. 

First of all, you may prefer this design because of the improved speed it provides, as well as the fact that it will not involve as many risks to the operator as the alternative. 

Secondly, the smooth, consistent performance provided by an electric motor can outdo push or geared trolleys. Finally, there is the convenience and improved productivity that comes with using an electric trolley which cannot be found elsewhere. 

Suitable beam trolley accessories

Regardless of the beam trolley you buy, you will need to make sure that it is also accompanied by the lifting accessories that will allow it to be used as intended. Thankfully the Lifting Gear Direct site is the best place to encounter all of the possible add-ons you might need and we can supply everything in unison so you can get on with the task at hand quicker. 

From lifting shackles that are designed for lots of different load bearing purposes, to eye bolts, snatch blocks, hoists, and much more besides, the options are almost unending. 

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What is a beam trolley?

A beam trolley is a device that is fitted to a steel beam to provide a movable anchor point for other lifting devices like hoists. The trolley is able to move across the total length of the beam together with the hoist and load, thus lift a load at one end and set it down at the other.

What are the types of beam trolley?

The most basic beam trolley type is the push travel trolley where the trolley in physically pulled across the beam using the hoist hook and/or load. Perhaps the most common type is the geared travel trolley where you pull on a chain to turn gears which move the trolley over the beam. The final type is the electric travel trolley, due to being powered this is the easiest and quickest to move your loads.

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