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The range of quality beam attachments you will find on this page includes a collection of beam clamps for lifting and a wide array of RSJ beam trolley options including our own Lifting Gear Direct models for the lowest prices. You can use a beam clamp for static positioning or a beam trolley for moving loads across the beam. Trolleys come in three varieties; Push travel trolley, geared trolley, or electric trolley, each having its own set of properties and benefits. So consider your options and choose the best beam attachment to suit your lifting operation, then order online or give us a call on 01384 76961.

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley

Delta Push Travel Beam Trolley


About the Delta Push Travel Trolley The Delta push travel beam trolley can fit ..

LGD Beam Clamp


About the LGD Beam Clamp The LGD beam clamp acts as a semi-permanent attachment..

Camlok Sc92 Beam Clamp


Camlok SC92 Beam Clamp Quick breakdown Here is a brief overview of the capabil..

GT Viper Adjustable Beam Clamp

GT Viper Adjustable Beam Clamp


About the GT Viper Beam Clamp The GT  adjustable beam clamp is a simp..

Yale YC Beam Clamp

Yale YC Beam Clamp


About the Yale YC Beam ClampThis standard type of beam clamp provides a great ..

Hacketts Fixed Jaw Beam Clamp - WH-BC


About the WH-BC Fixed Jaw Beam ClampThis super clamp from William Hackett is ..

GT Push Travel Trolley

GT Push Travel Trolley


About the GT Push Travel TrolleyThis push travel beam trolley is ideal for use w..

Adjustable Beam Trolley Clamp

Adjustable Beam Trolley Clamp


About the WH-AT Adjustable Beam TrolleyBritish standards BS 13157:2004 + Al:20..

Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PT


About the Hacketts Push Travel Trolley WH-PTPrecision engineered to a high qua..

Hacketts Universal Beam Clamp - WH-UBC


About the WH-UBC Universal Beam ClampThis beam clamp incorporates an adjustabl..

GT Geared Travel Trolley


About the GT Geared Travel Beam Trolley Perfect for use with chain blocks and e..

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley Yale HTP Push travel Trolley

Yale HTP Push travel Trolley


Two size ranges are available to suit beam widths, the size A range isfor smalle..

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What are beam attachments for lifting?

Beam attachments for lifting applications typically come in two forms - beam clamps and beam trolleys. The main purpose of a beam clamp or trolley is to provide a strong and secure anchor point from which to attach other forms of lifting gear, like hoists, for example. Beam clamps, girder clamps, and beam trolleys are designed to fit onto a flanged steel beam, like the type you would likely see on a mobile lifting gantry, a Jib crane, or an overhead crane.

About Beam Clamps

A beam clamp or a Girder clamp is a device that clamps onto a beam and stays in that location whilst a load is being lifted via a lifting device, although they can be removed and re-located, but not when under load.  Beam clamps and girder clamps are classed as semi-permanent devices which are commonly available in various model types; different sizes may be found to suit different sizes of steel beams, but there are also adjustable versions available too.

Some clamps will have a scissor type action, some will have bolt fixings and some may have a screw lock type of fitting. Most types of beam clamp will encompass a locking device to ensure it is locked safely onto the beam; some models come with a built in shackle already attached to facilitate even easier attachment of other lifting gear.

Certain types of these clamps are extra robust and will incorporate extra reinforced side plates and jaws for those demanding jobs. Commonly obtainable in lifting capacities up to 10000kg the beam clamp offers a lightweight, easy to install lifting point from which to suspend your chosen lifting appliance.

Beam clamp brands

With a whole host of beam clamps available to buy here at Lifting Gear Direct, you will not be surprised to see that we stock lots of the biggest brands in this category.

Choose from products created by companies like Camlok, Topal, Raptor, GT, and many more major names.

The benefit of buying respected branded beam attachments is that you can be certain that you are getting the best in terms of quality, while also enjoying the benefit of our competitive prices.

You can also find lots more information about beam clamps over on our category page, including an instructional video that will demonstrate how to use this type of lifting equipment safely and with complete confidence every time.

About Beam Trolleys

A beam trolley also fits onto the projection/flange of a steel beam, however they run on small wheels so that they can move back and forth along the length of the beam, beam trolleys come in 3 forms, either push travel, where they are manually pushed across the beam, a geared trolley where they can be easily operated by pulling a chain to move back and forth with little effort, or else an electrically powered model, operated by remote control, all types can be moved even when loaded.

A beam trolley is therefore a mobile anchoring point for other lifting devices such as a hoist. The machined steel wheels on these trolley systems allow it to be easily traversed across the beam, especially the geared models, where the wheels are mounted onto encapsulated and lubricated, ball bearings; they also enable accurate positioning of the trolley and therefore the load.

Beam trolleys, often seen on cranes are obtainable in a wide array of models and capacities, often up to 20000kg. Because a trolley is designed to move back and forth over a beam, locking devices can be added to secure it into a preferred position if necessary.

Beam trolley options

As with all of our beam attachments and our extensive lifting equipment line up, you can search for specific beam trolleys based not only on their performance capabilities but also on the manufacturers which designed and produced them. There are models from mainstream makers like Yale, Corso, Riley, and a host of similarly reputable organisations. Because they are all grouped together on our site, it is simple to compare and contrast the different models and ensure that you are making the right decision.

Girder Trolley and Girder Clamps

Sharing many of the same properties as beam clamps, our girder clamps and trolleys are distinguished because they can act not only as an anchor point but also as a means of lifting beams and girders in industrial operations. These powerful, adjustable attachments are vital and even come in double-ended designs for added convenience.

Get help with beam attachments

The easiest way to find out about the different beam attachments we stock and order a cost-effective bit of kit from this category is to contact Lifting Gear Direct to ask for help. Our sales hotline is 01384 76961 and we also have an email form that allows for speedy online communication.


What are the Different Types of Beam Attachments?

There are two main types of beam attachments for use in common lifting applications. Beam clamps and beam trolleys.

What is the Difference Between a Beam Clamp and a Beam Trolley?

 A beam clamp creates a stationary anchor point on a steel beam from which a hoisting device can be attached. A beam trolley on the other hand creates an anchor point for hoists but also enables the hoist and load to travel across the length of the beam.

What Type of Beam Trolleys Can You Supply?

Push travel trolleys, geared travel trolleys and powered travel trolleys are all supplied at Lifting Gear Direct

What Beam Trolley should I choose?

Your choice of beam trolley will depend on your lifting set up and the type and frequency of lifting and beam travel needs. Push travel trolleys need to be manually pulled across the beam; geared travel models travel across faster and easier by pulling down on a chain to turn the gears so less physical effort is needed, this is the most popular type; lastly the powered travel trolley lifts and travels at the touch of a button and so is best for frequent lifting and moving tasks.

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