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Drum Trucks, Drum Trolley & Drum Dollies

Transport steel drums easily with a drum trolley from Lifting Gear Direct

Drum Trucks or drum trolleys are probably the most commonly used piece of drum handling equipment and offer an easy and safe solution for the transporting of different types of drums. Drum dollies are great to push around drums and they can work great as an oil drum trolley. Drum trolley and drum dollies are economical and easy to store and usually facilitate loading and unloading without the need to physically touch the drum itself. They work on a similar principal to a pallet truck, in that they enable you to easily lift and transport drums and barrels around the work place. Lifting drums higher is another matter, check out the drum lifting range for a solution.

Drum Dollies


What is a Drum Dolly? A drum dolly is a piece of drum handling equipment used ..

DT45 Drum Trolley Series


About the DT45 Drum Trolley Series Lift, tilt and push your drum wherever you..

PT45 Heavy Duty Drum Trolleys


About the PT45 Heavy Duty Drum TrolleyThere are 2 models in the PT45 heavy dut..

Cantilever Drum Trolley DTCL


About the Cantilever Drum Trolley DTCL The DTCL is a cantilevered drum trolle..

Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45


About the Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45 This simple yet very effective d..

Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A


About the Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A The DTR400A hydraulic drum r..

Hydraulic Drum Truck DTP45


About the Hydraulic Drum Truck DTP45 Made from quality steel with a powder co..

DTHR Hydraulic Drum Truck


About the DTHR hydraulic drum truck The DTHR hydraulic drum truck incorporate..

Hydraulic Drum Truck for Pallets DTHRP/1


About the Hydraulic Drum Truck DTHRP/1 Loading or unloading steel drums off a..

High Lift Drum Trolley DTH300 – 450 Series


About the High Lift Drum Trolley Series There are 5 model variations in this ..

Hydraulic Drum Lifting Truck Raptor DTR250


About the hydraulic drum lifting truck DTR250 Using a hydraulic lifting sy..

Hydraulic Drum Stacker and Rotator Raptor DA40B


Using the hydraulic drum stacker DA40B Once a drum is securely fitted to the DA..

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 These drum trucks, drum trolleys and drum dollies are perfect for use in warehouses, storage facilities, factories and more.
Drum trucks and drum carriers come in many different forms to enable different ways of handling your drums. Always refer to the drum truck specifications to make sure that it will be compatible with the type of drums you will be handling.

Types of Drum Trucks, Drum Trolleys and Drum Dollies

We have a wide variety of drum carriers available including drum trucks and drum dollies which are capable of handling the drums in different ways.

A drum dolly is the simplest form of drum moving equipment as they are just a platform on wheels where the drum is placed and then pushed around. Drum trucks on the other hand come in a wide range of styles which can handle the drums and barrels in different ways. Lift, tilt, rotate, empty & stack are all doable with the right drum truck.

 Some trucks can tip a drum to facilitate easy emptying or perhaps cleaning; some trucks can raise the drum up to truck height to make loading and unloading a lorry easier like the WA30B model.

We have a range of special trucks which enable the easy placement and removal of drums from a pallet. Some of these have legs which straddle either side of the pallet and others will fit around the corner of the pallet. Our range also includes some drum stands/carriers which enable the drum to be tilted slightly (laid back) ready to wheel around to where they are needed. Our DA30 drum stand can also rotate the drum whilst horizontal for mixing the contents.

If you need a more powerful and easier truck which can also lift and rotate a drum for superior positioning and emptying efficiency then take a look at the DA40B hydraulic drum truck.

Take a moment to browse through our full collection of drum trucks where you will find all the information you will need including technical specifications.

Other types of Drum Handling Equipment

Although drum trucks are a great piece of lifting equipment and ideal for use in factories, warehouses and more confined spaces; however sometimes you need something a little more than the simplistic truck. Lifting Gear Direct have a great variety of other types of drum handling solutions, there is a varied choice of fork lift truck attachments for handling most types of drums, though these are only useful if you have a fork lift truck!

Our collection of drum lifting equipment is vast and varied, every model is suitable for hook suspension meaning they are great for use with an electric hoist, manual chain block or even slung from a crane. We have a few models which have dual attachment options and can either be slung with the hook attachment or mounted to the forks on a forklift truck via the special fork pockets; these are a very versatile piece of drum handling equipment and could be very beneficial if you need a variety of ways to handle your drums.

Contact Lifting Gear Direct for Drum Handling Solutions

However you need to handle drums Lifting Gear direct will most probably have the solution; As you can see we have a very good range of drum handling equipment but if you can’t find the item you need then get in touch,(we are constantly adding new products so it may not be on our site yet) we can usually supply what you need.

You can call 01384 76961 to speak to us, email us here, or use the request a quote button found on each product page.


What is a drum truck or trolley?

 A drum truck or drum trolley is a framework on wheels , typically with a waist height handle for steering, that can pick up steel drums so they can be easily moved around. Some lift the drum at the top rim, some slide under the bottom and some grab around the middle.

What is a drum dolly?

A drum dolly is a small round platform on wheels that is used to push drums and barrels around. They require some physical effort to lift the drum onto the trolley and then use the drum to push it around.

Where can I find a good range of drum trolleys?

Lifting Gear Direct has a great, varied range of drum trolley and other drum handling equipment at great prices.

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