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Hydraulic drum stacker and rotator raptor da40b

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 Hydraulic Drum Stacker and Rotator Raptor DA40B

Hydraulic Drum Stacker and Rotator Raptor DA40B

The DA40B is a hydraulic drum stacker / trolley for lifting, rotating and transporting steel drums, and forms part of our drum truck range. Can be ideal for stacking drums or emptying drums of the 210 litre / 55 gallon variety.
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Using the hydraulic drum stacker DA40B

Once a drum is securely fitted to the DA40B hydraulic drum stacker / truck the drum can be rotated and locked into any position, then manually pushed around on the wheels. The two front wheels are fixed and the 2 rear ones are swivel castors to enable easier directional movement.

To use the DA40B drum truck you will firstly need to position the truck around the drum so that the drum seats inside the cradle. The hydraulic foot pedal and handle can be used to raise and lower the cradle until it sits within the rolling loops of the drum. The outer cradle arms can be folded around the drum and secured with the special adjusting chain with lever tensioner, for this you place the tightest chain link into the hook/lug and then fold the lever over to tension it, this may require a little effort and should be a tight fit; if it is not very tight then open the lever and re-position the chain to a tighter hole/position, fasten the lever and re-check.

Drum Rotation

Now the drum can be raised with the hydraulic foot lever system. To rotate the drum you need to turn the hand wheel; turning the wheel in a clockwise direction will rotate the drum in one direction and turning it in an anti-clockwise direction will rotate the other way. When the drum is in the required position it will lock into place. Now you can use the hand lever (like a normal pallet truck) to transport the drum to where it is needed.

Rotate the drum to vertical and lower back down to the ground with the foot pedal before unlocking the cradle to release the drum.

The maximum height of lift is 1350mm, so if you don’t need to lift a drum any higher than this then the DA40B is a virtually do it all drum handler; lift, tilt, rotate, mix, empty and transport.

Other drum rotators are available along with other types of drum handling solutions so check out the full range of drum handling equipment.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions Lift Height Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DA40B 400 1350mm 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 572mm Dia 190Kgs