1 tonne round sling

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1 Tonne Round Sling

1 Tonne Round Sling

1 Tonne Round Sling have a softer finish and so are ideal for lifting more delicate items. Using the industry colour coding system this sling is purple in colour so its easy to identify. Place your order online today.

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About the 1 Tonne Round Sling

Part of our lifting sling range, this 1 tonne round sling has a modest yet convenient capacity, a durable construction made with resilient synthetic materials and a colour coded design to avoid confusion during operations. 

Basic features explained

The 1 tonne round sling is suitable for lifting loads up to 1000kg in a standard straight lift. 

You can utilise the 1 tonne round lifting sling in other hitch types, but these will affect the safe working load. For example in a basket hitch the SWL would be double at 2 tonne whilst in a choke lift the SWL needs to be reduced to 800kg. The angle of loading can also influence the SWL so always consult the load charts prior to lifting. 

Of course if you already know that you have heavier loads to heft, the other slings in this range might suit. The largest of the bunch offers a WLL of 12 tonnes, showing just how much choice you have. We can supply all other types of lifting slings including made to order items. 

Advantages of round slings

A round sling can be a superior choice to a web sling or a chain sling because the surface is protected by a wear-resistant sleeve that shrouds the inner core from damage during use. 

The upshot of this design is that the sling is not just endowed with improved longevity itself, but it will also be less abrasive when it comes in contact with the surface of whatever is being lifted. This may be relevant in certain applications, according to the type of cargo in question. 

Of course if you have other types of sling already and you want to get similar performance benefits to round slings, you can always invest in wear sleeves, which we also produce and supply. 

Ordering with us

Lifting Gear Direct makes it easy to find out more information about products and place orders for equipment you require. You can have a chat with our sales team by ringing 01384 76961 or by sending an email to them using our contact form right now.


Average Diameter MM  Lifting Factor  Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 O Basket x 2 Basket      angle 45 x 1.4 Basket angle 45-60 x 1
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