Dynamo eye bolt metric thread

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Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread

Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread

Taking their name from the role they used to play in now-archaic power generation equipment, these eyebolts have much broader applications today.

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 They have also been designed to fit in with a number of international standards, in this case with a metric thread form included. Forming part of our wide-ranging eyebolt line up, these units are cost-effective and manufactured in plenty of different sizes, letting you take your pick of the most appropriate products. 

Choosing a Dynamo Eye bolt Metric Thread

Below you will find the technical details for our dynamo eyebolts with metric thread. These will give you all the info you need to determine whether or not the range contains a suitable component for your purposes. 

These metric thread dynamic eyebolts are available in various SWL's from 0.10 tonnes to 3.2 tonnes. 

You will encounter various thread lengths from 18mm to 51mm, dependent on model. You will also be able to select BSW dynamo eyebolts on our site if you are not satisfied with the metric thread form found on this particular range. Thread compatibility may be relevant if you are planning to use an eyebolt in an existing assembly, or it may be part of the wider planning for consistency across a fresh project. 

Considering Safety

The load-bearing capabilities of any lifting gear are based on a lot more than the maximum capacity alone. You also need to take into account the performance of an anchor point depending on the direction from which the load is being applied. Dynamo eye bolts like this are best suited to axial loading, with safety being compromised if they are lumbered with angular loads. 

Collared eyebolts are a little more capable in this respect, although for the ultimate in angular load handling potential you should look to the collared eyebolt with a reevable egg link added into the mix. 

This is just a small taster of the types of lifting accessories we can supply. Our line up includes heavy duty lifting shackles, with specialised models for marine use and more also available. 

Getting in Touch with LGD

If you are impressed with our products and want to know more about them, or are raring to place an order for dynamo eyebolts, you should talk to our team. They can be called on 01384 76961, or you can email them direct using our website. Quotes will be provided quickly, our prices are competitive and our advice comes with years of expertise behind it.

dynamo eye bolt metric thread
Safe Working Load Diameter Thread Diameter Eye Inside Diameter Eye Length Base to Centre Thread Length Base Height Diameter Base Weight Each
tonnes a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm f mm g mm kg
0.10* 6 22 9 27 18 5 17 0.07
0.15* 8 22 9 27 18 5 17 0.07
0.25* 10 22 9 27 18 5 17 0.07
0.32 12 22 9 27 18 5 17 0.07
0.50* 14 32 13 41 28 9 29 0.24
0.63 16 29 11 34 23 6 23 0.14
1.00* 18 40 15 47 32 9 32 0.4
1.25 20 40 15 47 32 9 32 0.4
1.60* 22 44 17 53 35 14 35 0.61
2 24 51 19 60 40 12 40 0.8
3.20* 30 64 24 76 51 14 51 1.72