Forklift hook attachments

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Forklift Hook Attachments

Lift loads under the forks of a forklift truck with a hook attachment from Lifting Gear Direct

Do you often wish you could safely lift loads from underneath the forks of your fork lift truck? Well now you can with our forklift hook attachments! Lifting Gear Direct has lots of convenient material handling equipment to consider, with our forklift hook attachments being just one option. 

FMEH Forklift Mounted Raised Hook


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Forklift Mounted Lifting Hook - DLHS


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Forklift Hook Attachment with adjustable reach - Contact FMHA


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Forklift Hook Attachment with Fixed Reach - Contact FMH


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About the Forklift Hook Attachment

We have a range of fork lift hook attachments which simply put will turn your truck into a little crane. The hook attachments are really simple to fit, slide them onto the forks and lock in the retaining pin to the rear of the forks or the screw bolts, depending on the type chosen. The attachment consist of a steel beam fixed between the fork sleeves, to which a shackle in centrally located; on this shackle you will find a large suspension hook complete with a safety locking catch from where you can safely attach your load.

We currently have two models to choose from, one has a fixed reach whilst the other has an adjustable reach. The fixed reach model fixes behind the forks; the adjustable reach version can be fixed to any location along the length of the forks and is locked into position with 2 big ‘T’ type screws

The fixed reach forklift hook attachment is the FMH from Contact, which actually encompasses a number of different versions with varying load limits available. These capacities start at 1 tonne and rise to 5 tonnes, while the fork spread is consistent across the range.

The adjustable reach attachment is the FMHA, also made by Contact. It has the same capacity range as the FMH, but factors in a decent amount of adjustability which helps to accommodate differing load dimensions.

Other forklift lifting attachments available

If you need forklift attachments that can augment many aspects of the way your forklift of choice operates, look no further than the Lifting Gear Direct site.

In addition to our forklift hook attachments, detailed above, we also have forklift extensions that can improve your ability to handle larger loads without putting operators and other staff at risk.

Our forklift jib arms and tipping skips can also be ordered if you want to expand your lifting and load moving horizons without breaking the bank.

Always remember to follow safety guidelines and stick to load capacities whenever you are operating a forklift or using any of the attachments featured here.

Get in touch

Lifting Gear Direct can be reached in several ways, including via email or with a phone call to 01384 76961. We are happy to provide quotes, answer questions and generally help out with your order, no matter what you need.


What is a forklift hook attachment?

A forklift hook attachment is a sleeve which slides onto the forks or a forklift truck, it incorporates a central suspension hook which hangs down between the forks to enable suspended load lifting under the forks.

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