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At Lifting Gear Direct you can buy lifting chains together with almost any fitting in different steel grades from all the top brands. So whether you are looking for RUD chain & fittings with the colour change technology or else Pewag, Kuplex or Cartec you will find them here. Lifting chains can be made up to suit your application whether it is a special assembly of a chain sling, what's more you can always be assured of competitive pricing with us.

Cartec Grade 80 Chain


About Cartec Grade 80 Chain Cartec offer grade 80 chain in a range of dime..

Cartec Grade 80 Components


About Cartec Grade 80 ComponentsCartec offer a wide range of quality grade 8/80 ..

Pewag G10 Chain


About Pewag G10 chain Pewag winner G10 chain is available in 2 types, suit..

Pewag G10 Component Sets & assemblies


About the Pewag G10 Component Sets & assemblies Alongside the individu..

Pewag G10 Individual Components


About the Pewag G10 Individual Components There is a huge array of grade 1..

Pewag Ready Assembled Slings


About Pewag Ready Assembled Slings Available from the Pewag G10 winner ran..



About RUD VIP Chain  We can supply a vast range of RUD VIP grade 10 c..

RUD VIP Components


About RUD VIP Components The Rud VIP range consists of numerous components..

Chain Caddy


About the Chain Caddy The chain caddy has been designed as a portable solution..

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Lifting Chains

What are Lifting Chains used for?

A Steel lifting chain is used for many lifting applications, most commonly in the form of chain slings. Although lifting chains can be used for many other purposes.

We have a wide range of lifting chain and components from major manufacturers RUD, Pewag and Cartec from Lifting Gear Direct, your supplier, maintenance and installation specialists near you.

Grades of Lifting Chains

There are typically 3 types of chain that we supply. Grade 8, grade 10 and stainless steel chain. There are two main differences between all three types of chain, its lifting capacity and its self weight.

Grade 10 chain is the strongest but heaviest and stainless is the lightest and has the lowest safe working loads. The grade 8 chain is somewhere in between. For example; a 10mm grade 8 chain has a SWL of 3.15 tonne and weighs 2.23kg. A 10mm grade 10 chain has a SWL of 4 tonne and weighs 2.4kg. The 10mm stainless equivalent has a SWL of 2.5 tonne and weighs 1.43kg.

Therefore the grade 10 chain is without doubt the strongest, it is actually about 25% stronger. Yet remains the same size as its grade 8 counterpart. This is due to it being made from a stronger grade of steel.

When comparing grade 8 and 10 chain of the same safe working loads rather than chain diameter the grade 10 is actually lighter. Buy up to 40% lighter.

Grade 8 and 10 lifting chains are both commonly used in industrial settings whilst stainless steel lifting chain is more often found in cleaner environments such as the food industry, and wet environments such as nautical and water industries. This is because stainless steel has much better corrosion resistant properties.

Types of Lifting Chain

Here at Lifting Gear Direct our team of engineers can make up chain lifting slings to suit your needs. You can choose from single, double, 3 or 4 leg slings or endless slings in both grade 8 and 10. There is a range of end fittings to choose from too, so whatever your requirements we can handle it.

Stainless steel chain slings are available in 1,2,3 & 4 leg varieties but not endless.

We are also able to supply chain and hooks suitable for use with load binders, perfect for lashing down your lorry loads. We can make these up to suit your needs whatever the length and fitting required. Lifting Gear Direct also sell load binders and lever load binders at great prices.

Another type of chain we supply is pump lifting chain. These are different from standard chain and used primarily for lifting and lowering submersible pumps. Typically in the water and sewage industries. These pump chains come in 3 varieties, grade 40, grade 50 and grade 316 stainless.

Pump lifting chain has a larger chain link at 1 metre intervals. This is so the pump can be raised or lowered at regular intervals and held there indefinitely. Stainless steel fittings such as shackles can also be supplied for anchoring and connecting purposes.

Lifting Chain Fittings

We are able to supply many different types of end fittings suitable for lifting chains. For our chain lifting slings your main options for grade 8 chain are a clevis self locking hook, an eye type grab hook, a clevis sling hook, a swivel self-locking hook or a clevis 'C' hook.

For grade 10 chain slings your choices are a clevis 'C' hook, clevis sling hook with safety catch, a clevis self locking hook, an eye type foundry hook, an eye type shortening hook and a swivel eye self lock hook.

Stainless steel lifting slings have the option of a clevis sling hook, eye sling hook with safety catch or a shortening clutch, all in stainless steel.

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply many other types of chain components from all the major brands including RUD, Cartec, pewag and Yoke, Thiele and Gunnebo. You can find these options both above and under the respective shop by brand pages.

Contact Options

Whatever your lifting chain needs are, our team can help. Call us on 01384 76961 to speak to an advisor. Alternatively you may want to contact us via email. This can be done through the contact us page or the rapid enquiry form. Orders can be placed online or over the phone.


What are lifting chains?

Lifting chains can be used for a range of purposes but typically for load lifting. They are commonly combined with various components/fixings so that the chain can be anchored safely.

What brands of lifting chain can you supply?

Lifting Gear Direct can supply lifting chain and components from all the top brand names including Pewag, Rud and Cartec.

What is special about RUD VIP chain fittings?

RUD VIP chain components have a special design which is different to all others. The components have a bright pink finish which certainly makes them stand out, however this pink coating can change colour according to the temperature. Ranging from pink through a range of browns to the darkest black, with pink being the lowest/normal operating temperature. The colour changing feature is an excellent safety feature when being used in temperature changing conditions.

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