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Gas Cylinder Lifting Solutions

Gas Cylinder lifting bags, Handles, Trolleys and Cradles for easier gas bottle lifting

Gas cylinders are particularly difficult to lift owing to their shape, weight and size. However Lifting Gear Direct can provide a range of gas cylinder lifting solutions including the latest innovative Gasgrab lifting handles and gas bottle lifting bags.

Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley GBT


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Double Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley - DLT Series


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Gas Grab Cylinder Lifting Handles


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Pafbag Gas Bottle Lifting Bags


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Forklift Gas Bottle Handler - GCH


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CST Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet


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GCHP Crane Slung Gas Cylinder Cradle


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4 Gas Bottle Lifting Cradle CLC


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Forklift Gas Cylinder Lifting Cradle FCC Series


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About Gas Cylinder Lifting

Gas cylinders are heavy enough when empty let alone when full. Transporting a gas bottle is one thing but lifting them is another problem entirely, especially as they should always be kept in the upright position. Just lifting a full bottle a little off the floor can induce musculoskeletal problems, not just because of the sheer weight of the cylinder but because of how it will need to be lifted due to the shape.

If your gas bottle has an open part on the top framework around the gas regulator nozzle take note! This should not be used as a means of lifting the bottle.

Gas bottles should be fully supported whilst lifting more than a few centimetres from the ground and we have a few different products that will suit lifting gas bottles to any height. From platforms, dual purpose cylinder trolley lifters and bottle lifting bags.

Gas Grab Handles

We have the range of gas grab lifting handles which are perfect for just lifting cylinders slightly off the ground and moving short distances. You no longer need to wrap your arms around the cylinder to try to get a good enough grip to lift it, gasgrab handles clamp around the cylinder and give you a great grip whilst keeping your spine upright and arms straight, its even easier with two people, visit the Gasgrab handle product page to find out more.

Gas Cylinder Lifting Trolleys

These are dual purpose devices which can be used for transporting gas bottles around the workplace like a trolley/truck as well as lifting the whole caboodle, truck and bottle. This is thanks to an incorporated top lifting eye on the trolley. This can be anchored to a hoisting device or crane to lift the cylinders to your preferred height. There are 1 or 2 bottle options for lifting in this way

Gas Lifting Cradles

We have a couple of options in this category. Firstly a framework with top lifting points that can handle up to 6 cylinders, obviously an additional lifting device with the necessary safe working load lifting capacity will be required. Electric hoists and/or crane gantry systems are typical lifting devices used.

Secondly we have a number of platforms that slide onto a forklift truck. The gas bottles are placed and secured on the platform then the forklift truck will lift them up and take them to where they are needed.

Gas Bottle Lifting Bags

These are another great solution for lifting gas bottles. Available in a number of sizes to accommodated the different sizes of bottles. Gas cylinder lifting bags have some big benefits over the steel type; they are soft and so fold to take up much less room when not in use, the gas can also be used safely whilst still in the bag thanks to its vented design and easy valve access. Find out the other benefits of lifting bags here.

Other Gas Bottle Handling Equipment

At Lifting Gear Direct we pride ourselves on the diversity and vast range of lifting equipment and material handling solutions with quality, safety and cost efficiency top priority. We have some excellent products to aid in the handling of gas cylinders including gas bottle trolleys, and storage options as well as some dual purpose cylinder handling products. Whatever your requirements are, we can usually help.


What are the different ways to lift a gas cylinder?

There is a good choice of devices to aid with lifting gas cylinders, the simplest is a gas grab handle which slides down the cylinder and locks giving you two handles to manually lift it with. Some gas bottle trolleys can also be used for lifting as they can be slung from a crane hoist. Gas bottle cradles work in a similar way but do not have wheels to move them around. Gas bottle lifting bags are becoming more and more popular as the cylinder is almost totally enclosed, yet the gas can still be used as the valve is still accessible. They also take up minimal storage space as they can be folded down.

How do I lift gas cylinders with a forklift?

There are a couple of gas bottle handling devices which slide onto the forks of your truck, thus making them easier to transport.

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