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Solar Panel Lifting Equipment

When it comes to installing solar panels on roof tops, especially on taller buildings, then you will get immense benefits from the right solar panel lifting equipment.

Lifting Gear Direct offers one of the simplest methods of lifting and handling these panels in a safe and secure manner whilst also providing protection – Presenting the solar panel lifting bag! Safe, efficient and effective. Prices start at £396.

Our panel lifting bags can also be used for other panel type loads i.e. boarding, windows, radiators.

There are a few different products on the market which help to lift up panels in various ways, each having their own benefits and pitfalls, find out more below.

Solar Panel Lifting Bag Solar Panel Lifting Bag

Solar Panel Lifting Bag


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Pafbag Solar Panel Lifting Bags Pafbag Solar Panel Lifting Bags

Pafbag Solar Panel Lifting Bags


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Solar Panel Lifting Equipment

Protective Solar Panel Lifting Equipment

Solar panels can be easily damaged during the lifting and handling process which can be rather costly. However if you invest in a solar panel lifting bag your panels will be covered in a protective layer of strong, high density polyester, padded material so protection from bangs and knocks from other obstacles on its journey to the roof will be greatly minimised.

Solar panels are securely strapped inside these lifting bags so they can not slide out during transit, they will stay put until manually released.

Offering another level of protection is the incorporated lifting sling. Stitched into the main body of the bag, it can't go anywhere so can not potentially slip off like a standard sling could.

For extra protection as your loaded panel lifting bag is hoisted up, you can easily attach tag lines to the incorporated 'D' rings on the front of the bag. Using this method enables a person at ground level to apply tension to the tag line, thus preventing any sway or other unwanted movements whilst also being able to steer/pull away from obstacles, ideal when you have windy conditions!

Choosing Your Solar Panel Bag

Lifting Gear Direct offers a couple of different panel bag models, which, although are slightly different in design they are used in much the same way.

Both styles measure 1200mm high and 100mm deep. Our own (blue) solar panel lifting bag measures 2200mm long and can handle loads to 200kg; whilst the red Pafbag version is slightly longer at 2400mm and can handle up to 500kg.

Both options have incorporated lifting slings, although with the Pafbag model it is not stitched permanently but threaded through a channel thus replaceable. All bags include D rings for tag line attachment. The securing straps to each side are velcro on the blue model and buckle type on the red model.

Other differences are at the top edge; The red bag incorporates a rigid pole at the top for added structure. The blue models do not have poles so take up less room for storing and transporting. They have 4 softer, webbing handles either side of the lifting sling for easier handling.

Go to the individual product pages above to find out all the specifics for each panel bag.

How To Use A Solar Panel Lifting Bag

These simply designed pieces of solar panel lifting equipment are very straight forward to panel lifting equipment

There are a couple of potential scenarios for loading the panels into the bag.

1, On the ground

  • Unfold the bag and lay on the ground
  • Lay the solar panel on one side
  • fold the other side over the panel
  • secure the side straps
  • Raise using carry handles, take to hoist
  • Attach central sling to the lifting hoist
  • Good to go!

2, Already attached to hoist option 1

  • Ensure securely attached to the hoists load hook
  • Unfasten side straps
  • Slide in your panel from one side (2nd person pulling from the other side works best)
  • Secure side straps
  • Good to go!

3, Already fitted to hoist option 2

  • Release one side of the bag's sling from the hoist
  • let it fall to the ground flat.
  • Carry the panel vertically onto the bag until it rests against the side attached to the hoist.
  • Lift up the unattached side and re-fit to the hoist hook
  • Re-secure the side straps
  • Good to Go!

Other Types of Solar Panel Lifting Equipment

Besides our solar panel lifting bags you will find some other products that will help to get the panels up high to where they are needed.

A ladder winch (sometimes called a ladder hoist) with particular fittings to hold the panels are often used on lower buildings. However they offer little protection to the panel itself.

Other methods include clamp on or suction type handles to help with physical handling. Lifting slings could also technically be used around the solar panel and lifted by a hoist or winch – again these offer no protection from damage.

Conclusion on Solar Panel Lifting Equipment

When studying all the options for lifting solar panels each has its own set of benefits and your choice will depend on your circumstances. However it is quite clear that the lifting bag type offers more benefits in that they take up minimal storage space, and are easier to handle, but above all they offer protection to the solar panels.

If you have any questions please get in touch, details on the contact us page.

Solar Panel Lifting Bag FAQ'S

What Else Can A Solar Panel Bag Be Used For?

These lifting bags can also be used for lifting panel type loads such as plasterboard, radiators, and even windows of a certain size and weight.

Why Use A Panel Lifting Bag?

Our panel lifting bags not only enable the easier lifting of cumbersome panel type loads but also offer protection thanks to the soft, slightly padded interior. The velcro closures also ensure the contents remain safe.

Do Solar Panel Bags come in a choice of colours?

Yes, see the images in the gallery above, there is a choice of 10 colours, although we use the blue as standard.

solar bag from above   solar panel bag  solar panel install

                                                                                installed solar panels

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