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Lifting Grabs

Lifting Grabs for block and stock/pipe lifting for sale

At Lifting Gear Direct you can find lots of different lifting grabs in amongst our lifting clamp line up. A lifting grab is great for some types of loads can be problematic due to their size, shape and structure; however we can now supply an excellent range of special purpose grabs by trusted manufacturer Camlok to enable easier handling of these more awkward items. Block grabs and stock grabs are available, some for online purchase.

Camlok TRU Round Stock grabs


About the Camlok TRU Round Stock Grabs Camlok is known for its wide range of li..

Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs


About the Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs  We stock plenty of different lifting..

Camlok TSA Lightweight Block Grabs


About the Camlok TSA Lightweight Block Grabs The TSA is a lightweight grab..

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Lifting Grabs

About Lifting Grabs

 These high quality products come from some of the biggest brands in the business and you can use then for various lifting operations when other equipment options are unsuitable.

Lifting Grabs & Block grab types available

The range of special purpose grabs includes coil, steel profile and round stock grabs as well as container lifting lugs, turning hooks, drum lugs and single & twin arm 'C' hooks. These products are designed for easier lifting of materials such as tubes, pipes, blocks, coils, drums and containers in a variety of ways.  TBG block grabs are ideal for lifting large concrete blocks.

We can offer a range of safe working loads for each product with the TCK single arm 'C' hook and the TACH twin arm 'C' hook being made to measure to your required sizes giving you the perfect piece of lifting equipment for your application. 

Popular brands of lifting grab we stock

Shop with Lifting Gear Direct if you want access to the best grabs from well known manufacturers such as Camlok. 

Aside from the benefits that come with choosing high quality branded components from a longevity perspective, you can also rely on such products to be produced to a good standard that adheres to relevant safety regulations. 

Capacities & capabilities

With so many different lifting grabs to consider, you should also take heed of the WLLs that are attached to each option we stock. 

Some models, like the Camlok TSA, offer a single capacity, while others consist of entire ranges with load limits ranging from as little as 100kg right up to 4 tonnes or more. 

The type of grab you choose should clearly fit with the types of loads you need to lift, with many of these products providing specialist support. 

Other lifting equipment options

Customers of Lifting Gear Direct can take their pick of kit for tackling almost every kind of lifting operation, from plate lifting equipment to specialist material handling products. 

We even make crane and gantry systems with bespoke dimensions and specifications, so if you want more than just a lifting grab, we can help. 

In need of help with lifting grab orders?

The team at Lifting Gear Direct will happily supply product information, advice and quotes on all of our equipment, including lifting grabs. Just call 01384 76961 for a chat on the phone with our experts or alternatively you can drop us an email.



What are lifting grabs?

Lifting grabs come in various formats but generally are designed to clamp onto specific objects in order to lift them. Block lifting grabs and pipe/ stock lifting grabs are typical types.

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