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Closed Top Lifting Bags

Buy closed top lifting bags for secure contents throughout lifting tasks

Closed top lifting bags are designed to not only to keep its contents secure but also to create a near air tight seal to keep the contents dry. These bags have closures which comply with environmental guidelines. Roll top and V-flap closures are available in a range of sizes and capacities, read below for more or call us to purchase today.

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Heavy Duty Lifting Bag Closures

There are two types of closures in our closed top lifting bag collection. Roll Top and 'V' Flap closures. Both provide excellent load security and perfect for use in sensitive environments where a falling load no matter how small could cause unwanted damage.

Roll Top Lifting Bags (Round)

roll top lifting bags

First of all there is the roll top lifting bag. These are round in shape and incorporate the ring sling system for additional wall stability and the integral lifting sling as standard. The roll top closure is secured by velcro, then rolled down and the ends brought together and secured with a snap buckle.

A further benefit to the round roll top load lifting bags is that the top can be folded inside and used as an open top bgg.

There are also base and sling connection point options.

For the base some models come with a 5mm hard tray which is great for protecting the base of the bag against wear and therefore prolonging the life of the bag. Some models have the option of either the hard base or a soft, PVC boot cover. The boot cover provides a less costly alternative for scenarios where the base will see minimal outside wear. Sling connection point options include wear sleeves, ferrous steel master link or a stainless steel master link.

Although these bags are strong there is an option to add a rigid liner which will make it solid and protect it from sharp loads. There are 8 volume capacities from 34litres up to 216litres to choose from.

V Flap Lifting Bags (Square/Rectangular)v flap lifting bag

These V-flap lifting bags are square or rectangular in shape and boast a double velcro flap closure at the top which will provide great weather resistance whilst keeping the contents secure.

Just like the standard open top square lifting bags these have two removable stiffening side walls to help keep the bag in shape, especially when used at half capacity, whilst also adding extra load protection.

Internal base plates add more structure and strength to the bag whilst the addition of the outer extra tough HDPE base tray provides high protection against wear and tear, great is abrasive environments! both bases are 5mm thick.

There is a choice of connection on these lifting bags too, stainless delta rings or purple wear sleeves on the smaller bags and the larger bags use wear sleeves to enable larger lifting hooks to be utilized. This type of lifting bag has volume options ranging from 68l up to 645 litres so there is a size for most tasks.

More Lifting Bags & other Lifting Equipment

If you don't really need a closed top lifting bag you may prefer our open top collection; on the other hand one of the specialist lifting bags may better suit your requirements. Gas bottle bags, frame lifting bags, rucksacks, box bags, tube/pole lifting bags, bucket bags and more are all available. Find your perfect lifting bag for sale at Lifting Gear Direct today. If you need any lifting equipment like hoists, slings or shackles you can buy them all from us at great prices too.


What are closed top lifting bags?

Unlike the open top variety closed top lifting bags can be completely closed at the top in order to keep the contents perfectly safe.

What type of closures are used on closed top lifting bags?

There are two types of closed top lifting bags, the first is the roll top, which simply rolls up and then secures with a snap buckle. The second is the 'V' flap bag which has a double velcro type closure.

What are the largest capacities of closed top lifting bags?

square V flap closed top lifting bags can handle larger and heavier loads with the maximum being 845 litres with a 1000kg Safe working load limit. The round, roll top lifting bags have a maximum capacity of 216 litres and a 300kg SWL.

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