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Tie down rope

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Tie Down Rope

Use Tie Down Rope for simple load securing

Lifting Gear Direct can supply tie down rope suitable for load restraint purposes; available in any length and with any fitting you may require, hand splicing is also available in our rope workshop. This is ideal for use as lorry rope.

Lorry Rope


About Lorry Rope Multi-purpose 3 strand rope.  Ideal for simple tie dow..

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Tie Down Rope

Uses of tie down rope for load lashing

Fibre ropes are commonly used on smaller trucks for securing loads, they are lighter in weight and easier to store and handle than chains.

Because of their fibrous nature, ropes are also a better option for load restraint than chains if you are concerned about the ease of handling. Chains are heavy as well as having a higher chance of causing injury during use, whereas a fibre rope will be less dangerous and abrasive, hence the reason that they are so widely deployed.

Rope is additionally appealing because it is very versatile. It can be used to secure loads of all shapes and sizes and is compatible with myriad anchor points, making it great to have to hand for an almost endless number of commercial applications.

Fitting options

Thanks to our experience with wire rope, you will be pleased to know that our fibre rope for lashing is also just as adaptable according to your needs.

Select from a wide line up of accessories from our equipment category, including shackles and other products, to kit out the rope in exactly the way you need it.

If you want to take a different approach to load lashing but still want to steer clear of chains and hooks, we also supply cam buckles and ratchet lashing assemblies. These make use of webbing and are both sturdy and easy to use. In short, whichever kind of setup you are looking to create, Lifting Gear Direct will be able to help.

How to order your Lorry Rope

There are several ways to get in touch with LGD when you are ready to order any of our products, including placing a call to our hotline on 01384 76961 or emailing our team direct.


What is tie down rope?

Tie down rope is used for securing loose cargo to a vehicle. Typically made from 3 strand split film polypropylene for strength and durability.

Where can lorry rope be used?

 Lorry rope or tie down rope is typically used on smaller lorries for securing loose loads ready for transit.

What sizes of tie down / lorry rope do you supply?

here are 5 diameter sizes of lorry rope we supply, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12mm diameters each can be supplied in any length up to 220 metre coils.

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