Lorry rope

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Lorry Rope

Lorry Rope

You can buy this blue split film 3 stranded fibre rope from Lifting Gear Direct at any length you require all great prices.

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About Lorry Rope

Multi-purpose 3 strand rope. 

  • Ideal for simple tie down applications. 
  • Various lengths available. 
  • Also available in full 220 metre coils.
  • 5 diameters available; 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12mm


Sometimes referred to as blue split film rope or 3 strand rope; it’s made from polypropylene so our lorry ropes are great for tie-down applications and lorry lashings as well as towing tasks. It quite possible has many other uses too, thanks to its robust nature gathered from the thermo-plastic polymers from which polypropylene is made.

Lorry Rope Specifics

This man-made fibre rope is highly resistant to ultra violet light, is resistant to chemicals and also has good resistant properties against electricity. This rope also has good resistancy against general wear and tear such as crushing, bending, abrasion and fatigue these are just some of the plus points.

This type of rope is frequently found on lorries and trailers for all types of tie-down and cargo restraint tasks such as securing tarpaulins. In fact a length of this rope would be ideal to keep in any vehicle as it can be utilized for many tasks. The marine and seafaring industries also use this type of rope for non-critical purposes. The construction and agriculture industries also widely use this type of rope; it is rot proof and shrink proof and has excellent buoyancy.

This blue lorry rope is both light in weight and inexpensive, especially when purchased from Lifting Gear Direct. Call us for help or more information.