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ATEX Lifting Hoists

ATEX rated Lifting Hoists For Sale

ATEX lifting hoists are for use in potentially explosive environments. Leading UK suppliers, Lifting Gear Direct have a selection of ATEX hoists to choose from including manual chain blocks, lever hoists and air powered hoists, all according to the ATEX directive GB.

C4 Atex Chain Block

C4 Atex Chain Block


Key Features of the Atex C4 Chain BlockThe C4 meets British standards to BS EN..

ATEX Yalelift 360 Chain Block


 It packs in all of the perks of the standard Yalelift 360 chain block&nbs..

ATEX Yalelift 360 ITP & ITG Chain Block with integrated trolley


 Yale makes a comprehensive range of lifting gear which goes far beyond man..

L4 Atex Lever Hoist


About the Hacketts ATEX Pull Winch The ATEX ratchet lever hoist has anti-spark ..

Tiger Spark Resistant Chain Block


Its design means that it can be used in environments where combustible materials..

Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoists


About the Tiger Spark Resistant Lever Hoist Manufactured in accordance to the A..

Yale ATEX YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block


This is a major benefit in a number of industries, giving this chain block the a..

Yale CPA Air Hoist + ATEX Version


Features of the Yale CPA Air Hoist The Yale CPA Air Hoist comes in lifting..

Yale CPA-HD Heavy Duty Air Hoist + Atex Version


Key Features of the Yale CPA-HD Heavy Duty Air Hoist This CPA heavy duty a..

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Types of ATEX Lifting Hoists Available

There are two main varieties of ATEX lifting hoists, manual or powered. The manual variety are more commonly used in this kind of hazardous environment as they do not require any source of power.

The majority of ATEX lifting hoists have a standard hoist counterpart and most technical details are the same, however there are a number of components that are switched out in order to comply with the ATEX directive to prevent sparking and therefore a potential source of ignition.

Hand chain, hooks and other moving components are commonly changed to a non conductive material. Stainless steel, copper plating and bronze are typically used along with other special coatings.

By removing these potential sources of ignition, areas with potentially explosive atmospheres will be much safer.

ATEX Rated Manual Hoists

Within this category there are two types of lifting hoists. Firstly there are the manual chain block or block & tackle as they are often called. Lifting Gear Direct can offer a couple of models from Yale with a great choice of safe working loads up to 20000kg and with some incorporating a spark resistant trolley. Other branded options include the Hacketts C4 and the Tiger spark resistant chain block.

ATEX Rated Lever Hoists

Like the Chain blocks the ATEX rated lever hoists also have specific components switched out for spark resistant material types. Yale, Tiger and Hacketts are the branded Atex lever hoists we are able to supply. Safe working loads go up to 6000kg for the Yale model.

ATEX Air Hoists

Air powered lifting hoists are the only powered hoist available with an ATEX rating. Obviously a pneumatic air power supply will be required to operate these hoists. Lifting Gear Direct can supply two models from the Yale air hoist range which comply with UK ATEX directive requirements. The Yale CPA can lift loads up to 980kg whilst the Yale CPA-HD Atex air hoist has a top SWL of 10 tonne.

Other ATEX Lifting Gear

Alongside these Atex lifting hoists we also have a collection of ATEX spring balancers and ATEX beam trolleys. A choice of ATEX height safety equipment is also available from Lifting Gear Direct, including harnesses, lanyards and connectors.

Remember to check all product specifications and ATEX legislation to ensure you are using the appropriate piece of equipment for the environmental conditions. All the basics can be found on the main ATEX lifting equipment page with more detail available on the HSE website.


What is an ATEX lifting hoist?

When a lifting hoist is marked ATEX rated it means that is is safe to use in certain potentially explosive areas. They are made with different materials in order to prevent sparks which could potentially ignite flammable gasses etc

What types of ATEX rated lifting hoists are there?

Chain blocks / block and tackle, lever hoists and air hoists are the common types of ATEX rated lifting hoists.

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