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Toe Jacks & Aluminium Floor Jacks

Hydraulic Toe Jack / Floor Jacks for sale

Part of our extensive hydraulic lifting equipment line up, our aluminium floor jacks are lightweight yet capable of packing a punch when it comes to a number of applications. Alongside the hydraulic floor jack Lifting Gear Direct supplies many types of hydraulic equipment where you can choose from well made models produced by some of the biggest brands on the block. 

Hydraulic Rotating Toe Jack – GTHJ


About the GTHJ Hydraulic Rotating Toe Jack Ideal for lifting heavy loads in c..

Raptor HFJ Forklift Jack Trolley


About the Raptor HFJ Forklift Jack Trolley The Raptor HFJ is a forklift ja..

Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Yale AJS & AJH Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Yale AJS & AJH

Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Yale AJS & AJH


These jacks are very easy to operate and come ready to use with hydraulic fluid,..

Toe Jack GTTJ


Facts & Features of the GTTJ Toe Jack The GTTJ hydraulic toe jack has be..

Industrial Toe Jack GTITJ


About the Industrial Toe Jack – GTITJ Series When you need to lift really he..

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Toe Jacks & Aluminium Floor Jacks

About the Aluminium Floor Jack

Trolley Jacks and Floor Jacks are hydraulically powered by the use of hydraulic oil; this is typically included in most jacks when purchasing. These jacks are popular hydraulic tools in workshops, general engineering operations, shipbuilding, power plants, fabrication work and construction sites as well as many other industrial sectors.

Floor Jack or Toe Jack

Our standard floor jacks need more height clearance for placement under the load to be lifted, whereas a toe jack has the option of lifting on the top pad or on the lower toe extension; Toe Jacks are sometimes known as machine jacks with a lifting claw.

When it is used to lift with the lower toe, a much lower ground clearance is required as the main jack body remains to the side of the load with just the toe fitting underneath. These types of toe jacks are commonly used to lift fork lift trucks for example and other vehicles or types of loads where the space below is somewhat restricted. i.e. sports car, machinery and steel constructions.

Trolley Jacks

Trolley jacks are the perfect piece of hydraulic equipment for car garages etc, they incorporate wheels for ease of movement under objects. We also supply a range of lightweight aluminium jacks, a rotational toe jack and multi-purpose jacks.

Hydraulic Equipment brands

Branding is clearly important when it comes to ensuring that the lifting equipment you are ordering is of a high quality. Thankfully if you shop with Lifting Gear Direct you can choose from well known names that will give you confidence when you place your order.

Amongst our aluminium floor jack line up you will find products from the likes of Raptor, Yale and Enerpac, to name but a few.

Also remember that looking into the specifications and limitations of any jack is essential when making a choice. Making assumptions or taking risks goes against good lifting safety practices, so stay on the right side of the regulators by only investing in suitable kit.

Other equipment options

If a standard aluminium floor jack is not quite what you need, we do have a multitude of similar products to give you as much choice as possible.

Hydraulic bottle jacks might be an appropriate option, for example, if you are looking to raise and lower larger objects, such as vehicles, to allow for maintenance and repairs.

Hydraulic cylinders are available as well, giving you even more flexibility in terms of use and letting you hold heavy items, as well as use them to push, pull or bend in specific scenarios.

Get specialist advice on the aluminium floor jack today

You do not need to stay in the dark about any floor jack issue if you call 01384 76961 or email us with a question. The advice of Lifting Gear Direct will always come from a friendly, experienced team member and our quotes are also very competitive.

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