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Use Spring Balancers for Repetitive Tool Use

A tool balancer or spring balancer is a special piece of lifting equipment that simply put, holds your tools for you.

Tensioned cable is used to allow movement and retraction whenever required.

They are a fantastic addition to assembly line work and any other repetitive task. The attached tool is held in your selected height for you, so all you need to do is simply guide it to the position required, thus minimal effort is needed and tasks are completed quicker. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of spring tool balancers including the retractable and zero gravity type.

Retractable Tool Balancers


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ATEX Zero Gravity Tool Balancers


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Benefits of a Tool Balancer.

When you are undertaking repetitive tasks there are a number of problems that can occur. Repetitive strain injuries are common as well as other musculoskeletal issues. If you would like to greatly reduce these issues then consider using a spring balancer.

A spring balancer is positioned directly above your work area and set to the height where you need your tools. Think of the tool balancer like a super strong third hand, it will hold the tool attached for as long as you need it which means you will not have to constantly pick up the tool from the bench, use it and set it back down every single time.

Therefore by using a spring balancer you will be minimising exertion and excess strain on your muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves etc. Human error risks are also reduced.

Not only does a spring balancer reduce musculoskeletal problems and in turn, potentially reduce time taken off work for rest and repair but they also speed up output and keep your work area tidier as the main tool you are using is suspended from the balancer, not on your bench. So minimise injury risks and maximise output and buy a spring balancer today.

How does a Spring Balancer work?

Essentially a spring balancer is a fairly simple piece of equipment requiring no power supply to operate. Firstly there is a top safety hook for anchoring the balancer to a suitable anchor point, think carefully about positioning!

The bottom hook is where you will attach your tool and this is connected to a steel wire rope/cable. The inner workings of the spring balancer allows the cable, hook and therefore tool to be pulled down to use and retracted back to its starting position when let go. Constant and stable tension is kept on the cable thanks to the tapered drum and other components. With most balancers the tension can be adjusted to better suit the weight of different tools and the user.

Types of Tool Balancers

Here at Lifting Gear Direct we can supply three types of spring balancers. Firstly and the most common option is the retractor spring balancer as detailed above, which is available with up to 14kg WLL.

Secondly there is the Zero gravity spring balancer for heavier loads up to 180kg. This option has the capability to hold the tool in any position within a full stroke (up and down). This is beneficial if you need to use your tool in more than one position.

Thirdly there is the ATEX rated variety which are suitable for use in hazardous work areas.

Other Tool Handling Devices

Spring balancers are probably the cheapest and most commonly used tool handling device, however there are other options. On the Lifting Gear Direct website you can find a number of tool handling powered lifting hoists. They are essentially an electric hoist with a specialised tool handling attachment. Because they are powered they can handle much heavier loads than a traditional spring balancer. Models by Demag and Gis handle up to 250kg and the Kito model up to 480kg.

We also have a couple of air powered tool handling hoists including one from Red Rooster with a 140kg limit and a range from JDNeuhaus with up to 980kg limits.

So whatever your tool handling needs are, you will most likely find them right here and at the best prices too. Get in touch today, 01384 76961.


What is the difference between a retractable and a zero gravity tool balancer?

A retractable tool balancer will take the tool back to its original starting position each time it is released. A zero gravity tool balancer is able to hold the tool anywhere within the models stroke range.

Why use a tool balancer?

Simply put a tool balancer will act as your third hand, holding your tool or object in position for you to use both hands for using or placing the tool or object. Time saving and repetitive strain injury saving, tool balancers are great for repetitive tasks. So whatever your tool handling needs are, you will most likely find them right here and at the best prices too. Get in touch today, 01384 76961.

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