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 Lifting Gear Direct are able to offer an extensive range of electric hoists from the leading manufacturers.  If you need a hoist lift then our electric chain hoists are designed to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial uses are available. All of the electric hoist products in this range are amongst our best-selling pieces of lifting equipment, thanks to their flexibility and versatility in being able to adapt to a variety of industrial lifting operations. Thanks to the extensive range of electric chain hoists we have on offer, it’s easy for any industrial setup to choose the right hoists for the job – whether your business is relatively small or if your setup operates on a much larger scale. Our products’ weight bearing capabilities range from as little as 125kg all the way through to 10,000kg, and more; with a choice of two or four chain falls. Lifting speeds can vary extensively, from 1.5m to 12m per minute. 

What is an electric chain hoist?

Basically and electric chain hoist is a powered device that is used to lift, lower and even move heavy or awkward objects. They are mainly used to alleviate potential strain and injury on any person who needs to lift a heavy object or where the object is just much too heavy for a human to lift unaided.  

Electric chain hoists are a popular choice in many industries due to versatile nature; its ease of use and maintenance, portability and range of capacity ratings, as well as providing a safer and quicker way to lift loads with little risk to the operator. The electric consumption required will, however incur some additional costs. 

Standard electric hoists use chain to lift however wire rope hoists are also available. Another type of powered lifting hoist is the pneumatic air hoist working from an air supply and ideal where electric is not available or not suitable. 

Electric chain hoists can be seen in countless workplaces, such as; building sites, warehouses, car garages, docks, fabrication workshops, and have even been known to be used to lower chandeliers for cleaning purposes in large manor houses, as you can see an electric hoist is a very versatile piece of lifting equipment. Electric chain hoists are typically hung on a beam attachment such as a clamp or trolley on a jib crane or mobile gantry to facilitate easier movement of the hoist and/or load; one easy touch of a button on the pendant remote control and you’re away; lifting becomes safer, easier and faster, and with many different lifting capacities available from a few hundred kg’s to many thousands of kg’s, there is something available for most purposes, providing of course there is a power supply. 

Lifting Gear Direct can supply, test and repair electric chain hoists with different lifting capacities, some of which are able to lift loads of around 20’000kg and more, a weight which no human could possible lift, and thus the electric hoist is an essential piece of lifting equipment in many areas. Thorough inspections can also be accommodated to comply with the LOLER regulations.

How an electric hoist works. 

Firstly the hoist itself will need to be fixed onto a suitable anchor point via its top hook; this is often a jib crane or mobile gantry crane or other suitable load bearing structures capable of taking the weight of the load to be lifted. Once the hoist is safely fixed into its place then the chain may be lowered down from the hoist and attached to the load to be lifted, this can be done in a variety of different ways depending on the size and type of load. It is often the case to use further lifting accessories such as a lifting sling, either chain or webbing, as it is easier to attach these to the load at various points to ensure that the load will be evenly balanced and therefore not tip, ensuring a safer lift. Once you are sure the load is secure you may slowly begin your lift using the powered hand held remote control. You should always stop the lift for a moment once the load is just clear of the ground, (a test lift) to make sure it is stable and secure before continuing, this procedure will minimise the risk of injury. 

The majority of electric chain hoists have built in safety features, hooks will have safety catches so the load will not become disengaged. Most hoists will have a clutch system which slips at a preset torque, this is to prevent overloading the device which is very dangerous. Some electric hoists have a switch mechanism where the chain will mechanically engage if overloaded. Various newer hoists will have safety cut out switches for emergencies. These features are extremely important for safety reasons. 

So why use an electric chain hoist / Hoist Lift?  

Electric chain hoists are a common occurrence in a vast array of industries because they are easy to use, enable lifts to be completed quicker and moreover allow them to be done safely; protecting individuals and the load.It is thehoist which takes all the weight, not the person. Simple yet common injuries such as straining your neck or back by incorrectly lifting simple items, so heavy objects pose an even greater risk, using an electric hoist will greatly minimise these risks. Another big benefit is cost efficiency, electric chain hoists easily complete the lift of what would normally take many man to complete, therefore one of these powered hoists will reduce the manpower needed. The reduction of injuries and consequently time off work also adds to the cost effectiveness of using an electric chain hoist. Taking good care of your electric hoist will ensure it remains in good working order for a long time, most problems can be repaired by one of our engineers, and a 6 or 12 monthly test and inspection carried out by a qualified engineer to certify its safety for use. Lifting Gear Direct can also offer this service at very competitive prices. 

So it seems like an electric hoist is a cost effective and much safer way to lift all types of objects, big or large, light or heavy, in all areas.

Electric chain hoist brands

An excellent reason to buy electric chain hoist products from Lifting Gear Direct is that our site is brimming with a broad array of different models from the top brands in the business. 

It makes sense to pick a high quality electric chain hoist from a well known brand, both in terms of build quality and compatibility with any other equipment you might own. Take our line up of Demag hoists, which includes the DCS-Pro. This specific model comes in various capacities, kicking off at 80kg for lighter work and peaking at 3.5 tonnes for users that want to complete tougher tasks more effectively.

Kito is another leading electric chain hoist brand that we stock here at LGD. The ER is one of its most popular products in this category and can be ordered in a number of different configurations, according to the extras you need. This can include an integrated beam trolley, an overload limiter, a secondary brake for improved safety and even a remote control that operates wirelessly over radio frequencies. 

Wherever your electric chain hoist loyalties lie, you can rely on LGD to let you access the latest and greatest products from manufacturers that have global reputations for excellence. 

 Other hoist options

An electric chain hoist can be an impactful addition to any lifting assembly, but you need to consider whether it is necessary, appropriate and safe to use this type of kit. There are a lot of different alternatives that could suit your needs a little better, all of which can also be found on our site. 

A manual chain block might catch your eye if you are looking for an efficient, affordable stand in. Since there is no need to hook up a manual hoist to a mains power supply, it can be used in a wider variety of scenarios. 

You can choose between wire rope hoists if your lifting needs sit at the heavy duty end of the spectrum. These are typically powered and provide a range of mounting and control pendant options. 

Scaffold hoists are another excellent addition to our family of hoisting equipment. With robust, resilient designs that allow the sensitive components to stay free from wear and tear in outdoor environments, these offshoots of the electric chain hoist ecosystem can be found at sites across the country. 

Accessories to add

When picking up an electric chain hoist, you should also make sure that you have the right lifting accessories to hand so that it can be used immediately. You will not be surprised to learn that LGD can supply you with all the loose tackle you might want. We also stock a huge selection of lifting slings, including chain slings that could be particularly appropriate for use with your electric chain hoist. 

Information about ach product and add-on in our electric chain hoist line up is available on the individual product pages, so be sure to read everything carefully to help avoid making any mistakes when choosing what to order. 

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Browse our full selection of electric chain hoists below for full technical details and call our team on 01384 76961 to discuss any particularly specific requirements. 


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