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Wire Rope Products

We can supply wire rope and also stainless steel wire rope in a variety of construction types and lengths to suit you; also, because we have our own presses we can make up many types of wire rope assemblies to suit your application with a vast array of fittings to choose from. The ends of wire rope can fray or unravel and cannot be attached to further equipment easily; the addition of a wire rope fitting is the easy answer and we can help you achieve this.

Stainless Steel Wire rope


Our Stainless steel ropes are ideal for use in architectural, home & garde..

Steel Wire Rope


Unlike stainless steel wire rope this standard variety is galvanised for bette..

Wire Rope Assemblies


About Wire Rope AssembliesTrailer ropes are one of our specialities but we can m..

Wire Rope Fittings


We can supply and/or fit thimbles, sockets, rigging screws and turnbuckles, term..

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Wire Rope Products

Wire Rope

There are a few different ways of securing the ends of wire ropes to avoid this fraying. The most commonly used end fitting for wire rope is to bend the end back on itself to create a loop, the free end is then attached back on to the wire rope. This can be done by splicing or more commonly a ferrule is crimped onto the very end and the return section of rope giving a very strong connection. We have our own resources including industrial presses to apply the forces necessary to create a secure termination.

Wire Rope Products

Here is our selection of products for wire ropes.

Wire Rope Thimbles

When a wire rope is finished in a loop, there is a risk of bending and kinking the rope eye, to prevent this from occurring a thimble may be fitted inside the loop to protect the wire from pinching and abrading within the inside of the loop. The installation of the thimble is the most effective system because the thimble prevents the load from coming into direct contact with the wires, and therefore prevents unnecessary wear .

There are many other types of fittings that are used with wire rope, they are:

Wire Rope Grips

Rope Grips are used when forming loops, or on eye-loop connections for wire rope. They are also useful where splicing or socketing is not possible. A rope grip is positioned around two pieces of wire rope and then screwed down tightly onto them. This method is ideal when a non-permanent connection is needed.

Wire Rope Hooks

When lifting heavy loads, it's crucial to have a strong and durable hook to use within the lifting system, as a connection between the wire rope and load. Most are fitted with a safety catch as an extra precaution. Hooks may be fitted to a thimble eye at the time the eye is formed. It cannot be removed.


Used as removable links to fasten to steel wire rope, chain and additional fittings, shackles can be used in lifting and static systems, for both temporary or permanent use. Lifting shackles are probably the most commonly used connector in many applications.

Wire Rope Sockets

Sockets are fixed to the very tip of the wire rope. They are normally used as a means to attach the rope to a fixed anchor point. Various forms of sockets are available; open; closed and spelter. Our team of riggers can fit these to your specified wire rope.

Wire Rope Terminals

These are also at the tip of the rope for connecting the rope to a fixing point, several types are available such as toggle; threaded; eye; rod and stud terminals, they are often used with turnbuckles or rigging screws.

Wire rope Turnbuckles & Rigging Screws

These end terminations are used for tensioning the wire rope. They are often used to create barriers such as a balustrade or for decorative purposes.

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