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Pallet trucks with scales

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Pallet Trucks with Scales

Weigh & Move Loads in one go with a Pallet Truck with Scales

Now you can weigh and move your palletised loads in one go with a weighing scale pallet truck from Lifting Gear Direct. Load capacities go up to 2000kg and we also have a stainless steel version for clean areas. Buy yours today at keen prices, call 01384 76961.

Pallet trucks with on board scales enable quick and easy weighing of palletized loads, crates, boxes or other bulky items. A pallet weighing scale truck is much more convenient than a standard platform scale when you need to know the weight of palleted or crated loads as they are easy to move directly to the load and lift them for transportation at the same time. 

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Why use a Load Weighing Pallet Truck?

Why should you use pallet truck scales rather than a weighing platform and standard pallet truck? The answer is very simple; with a weighing scale pallet truck you can weigh, lift and manoeuvre your load in one go. This is much more efficient than using a standard truck to lift the load, transport it to the platform scale, lower the load onto it then pick it up again once the weight has been measured.

If you use a pallet truck with an integrated weighing scale you can move it all around your workplace, factory or warehouse and weigh loads in situ prior to storing or transporting. Basically you get two machines in one.

Advantages of a Weighing Scale Pallet Truck

These types of pallet trucks have many advantages including optimising safety as you will always know the weight of the load. Therefore wherever the load is placed or whatever device may be used for lifting the load you can easily ensure the weight can be handled safely.

The load weight is clearly displayed on the easily readable screen which often have multiple functions. Some models incorporate a printer which enables you to print out the weighing results. This is great if you keep records but also ideal for attaching to the load so each person that handles it will know its weight.

Most models have a tare weight function and some include a weight accumulation function which enables you to add the weights of multiple loads together. This is a big advantage when it comes to loading vehicles as you can easily find out the total weight to ensure your vehicle can handle the weight safely.

Where are Pallet Truck Scales Used?

Pallet truck scales can be utilized across many areas including dockyards, supermarkets and food manufacturers but perhaps the most common areas are vehicle loading, warehouses and distribution centres. Stock control, distribution procedures, storage processes and vehicle loading tasks can all be streamlined with these highly convenient devices.

A great deal of time can be saved thanks to this one piece of equipment being able to load, lift, weigh, transport and lower bulky loads.

More load moving and load weighing options

Lifting Gear Direct is your one stop shop for all types of lifting equipment and material handling solutions. Load moving equipment collections include standard pallet trucks, hydraulic scissor lift tables and electric lift platforms, machine skates, crane forks and furniture movers.

When it comes to weighing loads, alongside these weighing pallet trucks we also supply crane scales and load cells which also measure forces implied on suspended loads.

pallet trucks with scales


Why do some pallet trucks have scales

Some types of pallet trucks come with scales so that each load can be weighed accurately whilst moving them around. This optimises safety as you know the true weight of the pallet and load, this is especially so when loading elsewhere.

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