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Lifting Bags

Industrial lifting bags can be an extremely useful piece of lifting equipment and a great material handling solution. Spacious, durable and robust our lifting bags have an integrated fully compliant lifting sling. They enable the easy lifting and handling of many types of loads, including loose loads. They are also great when you need to lift multiple items in one go. The bags are designed to protect your goods and the environment whilst ensuring the load is kept together, intact and not shed.

The range of industrial lifting bags that we supply are made in the UK in Sheffield and therefore there is complete traceability, good continuity of supply and high quality products are assured. What's more the integral lifting slings conform to EN1492-1 and are CE marked, they are delivered with EC declarations of conformity and proof of its first examination, along with a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing faults.

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Lifting Bags

What are Industrial Lifting Bags?

Industrial lifting bags are very heavy duty bags with an incorporated sling system. There is a vast array to be found online. The ones available to purchase at Lifting Gear Direct arelifting bag features made with a triple wall system and an internal base plate to ensure even weight distribution on the sling. The slings are strength tested and fully certified. What's more the slings can be fully revealed by rotating through the sling tunnels for inspection and can be replaced if necessary.

Additionally the bags have a ring sling system in place which double wraps around the bag to help strengthen the seams & keep the sling in place. All bags have a choice of lifting point such as masterlink, delta rings and/or wear sleeves, and a choice of closure mechanisms. Most bags incorporate rubberised carrying handles for ease of use. Some can have a double thickness outer boot tray for extra durability and stability.

Where are Lifting Bags Used?

Industrial lifting bags are used in many settings due to the fact that there are many different types to suit most scenarios both on and off shore.

Lifting bags construction for building site tasks can be used to transport all manner of materials and tools to the height at which they are needed with the assurance that the complete load will arrive at its destination safely. For example a scaffolding lifting bag or bucket lifting bag.

If you need to lift gas cylinders then there are lifting bags specifically for this purpose and come in a good selection of size capacities.

Offshore lifting bags like the roll top closure varieties help to keep loads dry and secure in marine environments.

Types of Heavy Duty Lifting Bags 

Industrial heavy duty lifting bags come various formats which have been designed with various lifting applications and high safety levels in mind.

Firstly there are open top lifting bags are ideal if you are going to need quick access to the contents. You will find both round and square versions at Lifting Gear Direct with holding capacities ranging from volumes of 35 litres up to 385 litres. Each bag is also marked with a safe working load limit and this weight must never be exceeded.

Secondly you will see a variety of closed top lifting bags. These include roll top versions which are designed to keep the contents air tight. Then there is the 'V' flap bag which incorporate double velcro closures to comply with environmental guidelines for specific loads.

There are a couple of box type bags too, these have a rigid box type lid. Some of these possess a hard base for added load protection and sturdiness.

Gas cylinder lifting bags make the lifting and moving of most sizes of gas bottles safe and easy. We can also supply some specialist load lifting bags including panel/frame lifting bags as well as tube/pole lifting bags for longer objects like rods, poles, tubes and perhaps wood.

We have a few bucket lifting bags which are perfect for the building site. They can hold a trug or bucket to transport your mortar and other loose materials. If you have a large and/or heavy personal kit you need to transport then there are rucksack style lifting bags too.

If you need to fully encapsulate and protect solid items whilst lifting to a height, then take a look at the Pafsling lifting system which has a range of hard cases to choose from.

Lifting Bags for Sale

You can now purchase lifting bags from the vast collection of material handling solutions at Lifting Gear Direct. Don't forget to checkout the full collection of bags where you will find more information and hopefully answer any queries. If not then simply email or call us and we will endeavour to help. Don't forget we can also supply other lifting equipment you may need to complete your lifting task, whether its a lifting shackle, chain sling, electric hoist or chain block, you will find them all here at the most competitive prices around.

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