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Roll top lifting bags

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Pafbag Roll Top Lifting Bags

Pafbag Roll Top Lifting Bags

The roll top lifting bags you find here are all round and come in various diameters and heights but all have a 300kg safe working load limit.

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About Pafbag Roll Top Lifting Bags

If you need a round lifting bag which seals tightly closed then these roll top lifting bags could be right up your street.

The top edge of the bag has a heavy duty velcro closure. When this has been pressed together securely it is simple rolled down, over & over itself and then further secured with a snap buckle fitting to stop any unwanted unrolling.

This double closure system provides a near air-tight seal so you can be confident the contents will remain dry as well as extremely secure.

Most of these bags can also be used as an open top lifting bag by simply folding down the top fastening portion inside the bag.

Due to the round shape these bags are ideal for lifting through tighter spaces or against structures, with the hard base tray adding additional strength and protection. Further more there is an option to add a rigid plastic liner which not only adds extra stability but protects the fabric of the bag from harm if sharp edged objects are carried in it.

If you don't want the hard base tray the 34l, 50l& 141litre bags have the option of a soft PVC boot cover instead.

There are a variety of connection options too with choices of purple wear sleeves, ferrous steel master link or stainless steel master link. Please refer to the specifications for which connection options are available for each model. Here you can also find the dimensions for each lifting bag.

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What's more, Lifting Gear Direct are happy to supply products to ensure you can complete your lifting task in the best and safest way. Whether you need a hoist, sling or shackle, we can supply for all your lifting equipment  and material handling requirements.

                                               roll top lifting bags

Volume SWL Diameter Useable Height Base Style Options Connection Options
litre kg mm mm Hard Tray Soft Boot Wear Sleeve Ferrous Steel master link Stainless Steel master link
34 300 225 800 x
50 300 400 400
52 300 240 1150 x
86 300 290 1300 x
141 300 300 2000 x
154 300 700 400 x
184 300 600 650 x x x
216 300 500 1100 x