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Grabba Lifting Bags - Spanset

Grabba Lifting Bags - Spanset

Here we have a selection of water resistant lifting bags by Spanset. There are 3 sizes to choose from with up to 250kg safe working load.

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About Spanset Grabba Lifting Bags

These lifting bags are made by Spanset.

They incorporate a roll top closure which has a heavy duty velcro seal. Once rolled down the ends are brought together and further sealed with a quick snap buckle.

Complying to the machinery directive EN1492-1 for lifting purposes and stamped with ther CE mark you can be assured of a high quality product.

Spanset grabba bags allow total containment of the load and enable lifting in compliance with LOLER regulations. These bags are commonly used for transporting tools, containers of liquid and loose materials offering good water resistance and even temporary buoyancy should they be dropped into water.

These bags contain a polyester lifting sling with wear sleeves at the top for extra wear resistance to the anchoring spot. The two smaller sizes (75kg & 125kg) come complete with an integral master link so that it can be easily attached to the hook of a lifting hoist. The largest bag (250kg) does not have a master link as it may be attached directly to the hoists load hook.

For additional strength and wear resistance the grabba bags incorporate a robust PVC boot. This protects the base of the bag and lower end of the lifting slings from abrasion.

For the dimensions and SWL of each bag, please refer to the specification table in the tab above.

Similar lifting bags

We have a really great range of lifting bags with similar properties right here at LiftingGear Direct.

They are made in the UK by Pafbag and come in numerous sizes right up to a 216 litre capacity and all have a safe working load limit of 300kg. You can find this roll top range in our closed top lifting bag range where you will also find the V-flap closure lifting bags which are square in shape rather than round. These bags have additional benefits which carries across the complete range and includes lifting sling tunnels for easy inspection and replacement and also to keep the sling in the correct lifting position. Extra ring slings span the circumference of the bags to provide extra side wall & seam strength.

Most of these roll top bags have the option of either a soft boot at the base like the Spanset grabba bags or a hard tray to provide optimum abrasion resistance. We can also supply a range of connectors as well as any type of hoisting equipment from chain blocks and electric hoists to snatch blocks and winches.

Call us for any help and advice you may need; 01384 76961.

Size/SWL Diameter Height
75kg 400mm 320mm
125kg 400mm 500mm
250kg 800mm 400mm