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Standard lifting bag

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Standard Lifting Bag - Square

Standard Lifting Bag - Square

These popular lifting bags are suitable for a wide range of load types and come in 11 different sizes as standard. Safe working load limits range from 100kg up to 750kg and with a range of optional extras, read on below to find out more.

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About the Square Standard Lifting Bag

These square based lifting bags come with a soft base as standard which are perfectly strong enough but it is worth bearing in mind that they are made from material and although it has a high tensile strength, if bags are repeatedly dragged and scraped the base can wear or become damaged. Therefore, depending on how you will use these standard lifting bags it may be worth adding on an external base tray.

These are made from polyethylene and bolted to the bag's base, they not only provide the extra protection against wear and abrasions but also add structure to the bag which can make for easier handling and use. Typically these trays are covered with the same fabric as the main bag, (skirt) this helps to cover any hard edges of the tray thus prevent catching/snagging.

Another option to consider is an internal tray; these add internal protection as well as structure to the bag.

The square base standard lifting bags taper to flat at the top where there is a double velcro closure to ensure the contents remain secure. Finger tabs are incorporated to help with opening the strong velcro which completely covers the top edge.

When it comes to lifting these bags there is a stitched in load rated lifting sling with incorporated stainless steel lifting eye to provide an easy attachment point. The sling is positioned for optimum load stability. Additionally you will find a handle on each side, four in total, these make the bags much easier to handle.

If you would like a window pocket added for lables/documentation then please let us know.

Take a look at the specifications to find out the size options we can offer as standard. A range of colour options are also available.

More Industrial Lifting Bags

Lifting Gear Direct specialise in lifting equipment and to keep up with the latest innovations we now supply a wide range of lifting bags for a range of load types. We have open and closed top varieties, box style with lids, extra large bags and specialist bags for specific loads such as gas cylinders and solar panels.

Browse the range and let us know your requirements for a quick quotation.

MODEL WLL (kg) DIMENSIONS L x W x Closed Height (mm) TRAY/Skirt Option
BCB460 100 460 x 460 x 680 Y
BPLB25 250 250 x 250 x 630 Y
DBLB840 300 840 x 415 x 645 Y
SBLB415 250 415 x 415 x 650 Y
SLB350 250 350 x 350 x 530 Y
SLB360 300 360 x 360 x 600 Y
SLB480 300 480 x 480 x 900 Y
SLB1000 250 350 x 350 x 1000 Y
SLB1150 750 1150 x 1150 x 300 Y
SLB1400 250 1400 x 550 x 300 Y
STLB1750 170 700 x 700 x 1400 Y