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2 tonne round sling

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2 Tonne Round Sling

2 Tonne Round Sling

2 Tonne round slings for lifting tasks requiring a little extra care and cushioning. As well as the 2000kg round sling we have many more lifting slings and components to choose from.

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About the 2 Tonne Round Sling

Round slings are an appealing lifting option if you want added protection during use, and with this 2 tonne capacity example you can take on diverse duties with ease. Order today or browse our other lifting sling options. 

2000kg Round Sling Facts & Figures

Green in colour for easy classification the 2 tonne or 2000kg round sling can lift relatively heavy loads whilst offering some protection thanks to the super soft filling and edges of our round slings, they have no edges and are continuously woven. 

The 2 tonne round lifting sling is available in lengths ranging from 0.5 metres up to 6 metres so there should be something in the range to suit your lifting task, if not please ask. 

Check out the table of technical data below to see how the WLL of this sling is impacted according to the hitching method that is used. Some setups will lessen the capacity, while others will allow you to take full advantage of it, so always keep this in mind to comply with regulations. 

Additional products of interest

Finding out about our 2 tonne round sling might be the first place you encounter Lifting Gear Direct, in which case it makes sense to check out our full equipment range which is packed with high quality branded products as well as fully customisable assemblies that can be ordered from us with no middle men involved. 

Our lifting sling line up is comprised of plenty of compelling options in its own right, with chain slings, web slings and even wear sleeves all present and correct. 

If you are also on the hunt for kit to go with these lifting slings, you can find all that you need in our hoists category. 

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Get quotes and ask questions about any of our lifting slings when you call LGD on 01384 76961. It is also easy to email us with a query and you can expect us to reply rapidly with friendly advice and information.


Average Diameter MM Lifting Factor Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 O Basket x 2 Basket angle 45 x 1.4 Basket angle 45-60 x 1
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basket 2

24 GREEN 2 1.6 4 2.8 2