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Lifting Slings

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There are a number of different types of lifting slings that are used for different purposes together with other hoisting equipment, the most commonly used are; chain slings, flat web slings, round slings, disposable one-way slings and wire rope as well as fibre rope slings: all lifting slings have different advantages and disadvantages and so will be better suited for some lifts more than others.

Chain slings

Chain slings are very versatile and can have 1,2,3 or 4 legs and can also be utilised in different hitch types and with many types of hooks and catches at the ends and along with other connectors and masterlinks  can be adapted for many different types of loads. We also supply stainless steel chain and components alongside our standard steel chain, in grade 8 and 10 steel.

Round lifting slings

Round lifting slings are continuously woven, both the core and outer, with no seems, making them soft and strong and so protects loads that may be easily damaged by other types of sling.

Web slings

Web slings are a flat sling woven from heavy duty polyester, they are lightweight and resistant to bacteria and mildew, they can also be used in basket, vertical and choker hitch types and can have an additional sleeve added for extra wear protection.

Disposable One way slings

Disposable one way lifting slings were designed for one single use, and were used for a single loading and off-loading operation. However recent upgraded safety factors of 7:1 means more than one use is possible.

Fibre rope slings

Fiber rope slings are available in various types, with hand splicing Different types of fibre rope will have different properties so check it is suitable for the purpose intended.

Wire rope slings

Wire rope slings can be custom made in any configuration to suit your requirements, with fuse and tapering, pressed end fittings and splicing, with a range of diameters and constructions available.

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