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Scissor Lift Tables

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Using hydraulics with a scissor type lifting action these lifting trolleys are useful in many areas. Easily lift heavy loads and then move them around the workplace to where you would like the load to be placed.

Found amongst the material handling equipment range at Lifting Gear Direct, the scissor lift trolley or hydraulic scissor lift is an effective option for completing a variety of load moving duties. It is a great piece of load handling equipment for commercial environments. We stock and supply competitively priced, high quality hydraulic scissor lift tables which are built to last and cover a range of capacities up to 1000kg.  

500kg Scissor Lift Table TF50


About the TF50 Scissor Lift Table 500kg  With a half tone load capacity an..

1000kg Scissor Lift Table TF100


About the TF100 Scissor Lift Table 1000kg Sitting at the top of the TF series i..

150kg Scissor Lift Table TF15


About the TF15 Scissor Lift Table 150kg One of many scissor table lifts we supp..

300kg Scissor Lift Table TF30


About the TF30 Scissor Lift Table 300kg  Designed for ease of use and conv..

750kg Scissor Lift Table TF75


About the TF75 Scissor Lift Table 750kg  The higher capacity stable mate t..

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What is a Scissor Lift Trolley Used For?

Scissor lift trolleys and hydraulic scissor lifts can be a great piece of material handling equipment, particularly for load moving. Scissor lift tables provide an easy way to increase efficiency and productivity on the factory floor.

They make ideal feeding tables on assembly lines as they can not only be moved around with ease but also raised and lowered to your desired height within the models range.

Why Use A Lifting Trolley

Using scissor lift tables can really reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries that are often associated with repeated packing, loading and lifting applications. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of scissor lift tables with various lifting capacities to suit a wide variety of applications to keep your workplace running smoothly.  

There are a good variety of models to choose from including manual scissor lifts, hydraulic scissor lifts and electric scissor lift tables. Browse the collection below and let us know if you need any help.

Options we offer

Now that you know how a scissor lift table can be advantageous to many businesses, it is time to think about the precise kind of product from this category that might make the most sense for you.

The hydraulically operated TF75, for example, is relatively simple and cost-effective in its design, yet still provides a solid 750kg load capacity.

Meanwhile the Ace APES range of scissor lifts is electrically powered and comes with capacities ranging from 300kg right up to a tonne.

Alternatives to consider

A scissor lift table is a relatively specialised piece of equipment in terms of its core functionality, so it may not be especially appropriate for the material handling tasks you have in mind.

Thankfully Lifting Gear Direct can also offer up everything from pallet trucks to load moving skates and even drum handling gear, so no challenge will be too great to overcome with our assistance.

Ask questions & order from Lifting Gear Direct

We are happy to give you guidance over any lifting gear issue, as well as provide quotes and take orders over the phone on 01384 76961. You can also get in touch via email if this is preferable.


What is a scissor lift table?

A scissor lift table is a table top platform on hydraulically operated scissor action legs. The tables usually incorporate wheels too, so that the device can be easily moved around. They are used to lift loads up to a specific height for working on the item or just to off load it onto a production line perhaps.

How do you use a scissor lift table?

Scissor lift trolleys are easy to use, simply use the handle to pump up the table top to the required height and use the release lever to lower the table.

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