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Use a Pump Truck for easier Load Moving Tasks

We stock a plentiful line up of hand pallet truck and pump truck models as part of our material handling range, letting you take your pick of pallet trucks products from brands that you know and trust. For the broadest selection of load moving equipment as well as the best prices, look no further than Lifting Gear Direct, we most likely have a pallet truck for sale perfect for your needs at a great price.

2500kg Pallet Truck BF2500A


Part of our pallet truck range, the BF2500A is an effective, efficient option fo..

5000kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck HP50S


About the 5000KG Heavy Duty Pallet Truck Lifting Gear Direct supplies a multitu..

Long Pallet Truck HPTA20


Features of the Long Pallet Truck This long pallet truck is built to the highes..

Pfaff Non-standard Special Pallet trucks


About the Pfaff Non-standard Special Pallet trucks With a range of lifting..

Pfaff Standard Pallet Trucks


About the Pfaff Standard Pallet TruckThese premium quality trucks can be used wi..

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Why Use A Pallet Truck

One of the most commonly used material handling products is the pallet truck or pump truck. Hand Pallet trucks are ideal for load moving and lifting palletised loads; they are suited for a variety of industrial settings, including warehouses, factories, distribution centres and more. Pallet trucks are designed to manoeuver through tight spaces and provide the power operators need to safely control loads of different sizes, and their robust steel design also ensures they withstand knocks in any type of workplace.

Lifting Gear Direct supplies a range of standard and specialist pallet trucks designed for most industries. Our pallet trucks are manufactured to ensure your pallets are transported effectively and securely. For specialised needs, we stock galvanised steel models for heavy duty industrial use and stainless steel models that are ideal for cold and sterile settings. Our reliable and sturdy pallet trucks are capable of handling loads of between 1,000 kilograms to 3,500 kilograms, depending on the model. All of our trucks also meet the highest of industry and safety standards.

Pump Truck Brand options

At Lifting Gear Direct you can find lots of different brands of lifting equipment, including products from pallet truck manufacturers such as Pfaff.
Branding is not always the first thing on the agenda when it comes to choosing this type of equipment, although it should be considered alongside things like the load capacity and the other capabilities if you are especially interested in assurances relating to build quality and product pedigree.

Material handling alternatives

Pallet trucks are clearly a fairly specialised solution to your lifting operations and material handling needs. If you have different types of loads to lug, we also offer a number of other options which could suit.

Our scissor lift tables, for example, are capable of streamlining proceedings in factories, warehouses and a number of other settings. Meanwhile our load moving skates can be deployed to take the complexity and risk out of shifting a variety of large objects.

We also stock and supply everything from lifting slings to plate lifting equipment, so browse our site to find what you need.

Ask us about pallet trucks

Speaking with an Lifting Gear Direct specialist to get more information on our pallet truck products, or anything else we stock and supply, is as simple as calling 01384 76961 or using our contact page to send us an email with your query attached.


What is a pallet truck?

A pallet truck is exactly as the name suggests, it is a truck or trolley used for moving palletised loads.

How do pallet trucks work?

A pallet truck has two wheeled, low platforms just the right size and width to slide between the segments of a wooden pallet. Once in position you use the long handle to pump the hydraulic system to raise the load just a little off the ground so that it can be pushed around. Pallet trucks usually have a release valve or lever to slowly lower the pallet back to the ground. They are really quick and easy to use.

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