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Safety Harness Connectors

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Connectors and hooks used in height safety applications usually consist of carabiners sometimes spelled as karabiners, safety hooks, and quick links. They are frequently used as safety harness connectors or lanyard connectors. They ensure a quick and safe connection between harnesses, lanyards, and a suitable anchor point and are an essential piece of working at height equipment. Buy online at UK suppliers Lifting Gear Direct Ltd.

Kratos Delta Link - FA 50 401 10

Kratos Delta Link - FA 50 401 10


About the Delta Quick Link This delta quick link is fashioned from steel b..

Kratos Oval Quick Link - FA 50 400 16

Kratos Oval Quick Link - FA 50 400 16


About the Oval Quick Link Oval shaped connectors for height safety are com..

Kratos Steel Scaffold hook Connector FA 50 207 55

Kratos Steel Scaffold hook Connector FA 50 207 55


Steel Scaffold Hook Made using forged steel, this scaffold hook is a good conne..

Kratos Steel Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 101 17

Kratos Steel Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 101 17


Steel Screw Locking Karabiner One of many height safety connectors we supply, t..

Kratos Steel Snap Hook - FA 50 202 17

Kratos Steel Snap Hook - FA 50 202 17


Steel Snap Hook Kratos makes lots of height safety equipment, with this steel s..

Kratos Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner FA 50 301 23

Kratos Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner FA 50 301 23


Steel Triple Action Locking Karabiner For added safety, reliability and peace o..

Kratos ATEX Aluminium Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 103 22

Kratos ATEX Aluminium Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 103 22


ATEX Screw Locking Karabiner Connectors for height safety harnesses are in plen..

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Types of Safety Harness Connectors

Connectors are used as a means of anchoring your harness to a stable anchor often together with a lanyard. There are different types of connectors available so read on to find out more.

About Carabiners

Carabiners were first used around 150 years ago, they were used by soldiers to help carry their equipment including their carbine rifles. The more modern steel karabiners you see today were invented just before the outbreak of world war one by German climber Otto Herzog. The name karabiner comes from the German ‘Karabinerhaken’ which translates to a hook for a carbine.

A wide variety of carabiners are available today, with many shapes and sizes to be found. They offer an easy, quick and safe way to connect your height safety equipment together, they are typically used by climbers but nowadays they are an essential piece of kit in caving, sailing, rescue operations, and working at height tasks.

A carabiner is a type of special shackle type connector that consists of a strong metal loop with a spring-loaded gate, the type used for height safety procedures will always have an additional locking mechanism for extra safety, these are referred to as a double locking carabiner. Locking carabiners may have a screw lock, a twist or twist, and push lock, multiple levers, a magnetic lock, or a double gate lock.

Using a Karabiner for working at Heights

The type we supply have either a screw lock, twist lock, or triple locking action, the locking action is imperative when used in height safety procedures. These karabiners are commonly used to attach lanyards to harnesses or as an anchor connection. They are great for work positioning tasks where the user often needs to change position; they are also used in rescue operations. Our karabiner selection enables the user to very quickly attach and detach their harness and/or lanyard together or to a stable anchor point. They could also be used for attaching equipment to a work belt for ease of transportation whilst climbing to the height required.

Safety Snap Hooks for Height Safety Applications

In this category of connectors and hooks, you will find some of the most commonly used hooks for working at height and fall arrest applications. The snap hook is perfect for connecting individual components of your height safety equipment such as a harness and lanyard; whilst the scaffold hook, having a much larger opening and hook bowl is great for attaching to a secure anchor point such as a lanyard to a scaffold pole or handrail.

Our snap hooks are double action which means that when they are fitted in place an additional locking mechanism will lock off the opening gate to ensure that accidental opening will not occur.

Quick Links & Delta Links

There are a couple of quick links we offer as part of our connectors range, an oval shape quick link, and a Delta link. Both types offer a semi-permanent connection and so are ideal when two items will remain connected most of the time; for example, if you wanted to leave a lanyard connected to your safety harness. You must always make sure the screw lock is fully tightened to its maximum and checked prior to each use to ensure it will remain safe and securely attached.

Ordering a Safety Harness Connector

We have the most commonly used connectors listed in this category, however, if you need something more specific that you can’t find here then please give us a call, we can usually supply any Kratos connectors. Call us if you need extra details or you can email us with an inquiry if you prefer.


What are safety harness connectors?

Safety harness connectors refer to the devices used to connect the harness to other equipment for example a lanyard.

What types of harness connectors are there?

There are various types of connectors used for connecting safety harnesses to other equipment. Karabiners are the most popular type as they are quick to fit with the screw lock type being extra safe. Quick links, delta links, scaffold hooks and snap hooks are other options to consider

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