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Lifting Shackles

Connect your lifting equipment together safely with a quality lifting shackle!

A shackle is one of the most commonly used item of lifting gear when it comes to lifting operations as they act as connectors between 2 or more items. They come in numerous styles, shapes and sizes, strengths and materials to suit most types of connection requirements. Lifting Gear Direct have a vast choice of shackles to buy online from Dee and bow varieties to stainless steel and other specialist lifting designs all coming in at some of the best prices around.

BS Large Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type 'E')

BS Large Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type 'E')


Features of Large Bow Shackles The main difference in these shackles, when comp..

BS Large D Shackle with Safety Bolt

BS Large D Shackle with Safety Bolt


 Unlike other D shackles with safety bolts the location of the retaini..

BS Small Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type E)

BS Small Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt (type E)


Alongside our large bow shackles, which are also compliant with industry regulat..

BS Small D Shackle with Safety Bolt

BS Small D Shackle with Safety Bolt


Safety Features of this D Shackle The BS small dee shackles with safety bolt ha..

Commercial Bow Shackles

Commercial Bow Shackles


They are inexpensive, moderately durable and offered in a number of different di..

Commercial D Shackles

Commercial D Shackles


You will notice that there is No safe working load in the technical data below -..

Green Pin Bow Shackle

Green Pin Bow Shackle


Basics of Green Pin Bow Shackles This is a standard green pin shackle with a ty..

Green Pin Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt

Green Pin Bow Shackle with Safety Bolt


Construction of Green Pin Bow Shackles Each of the shackles in this range are m..

Green Pin D Shackle

Green Pin D Shackle


 About Green Pin D Shackles These are an important part of our wider shack..

Green Pin D Shackle with Safety Bolt

Green Pin D Shackle with Safety Bolt


 It is preferable to use this type of shackle for lifting operations where ..

Green Pin Sling Shackles - Bow Type Green Pin Sling Shackles - Bow Type

Green Pin Sling Shackles - Bow Type


Design Features of Bow Type Green Pin Sling Shackles These shackles may look li..

Green Pin Trawling Bow Shackles


Design & Shackle Load Limits These shackles can be loaded from an angle (at..

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Lifting Shackles

What is a lifting Shackle?

They are metal connection links that are used to connect loads you want to lift and a lifting system such as a Hoist or Crane. The most common types are Bow and D varieties that are used for different applications.

We also offer an excellent range of specialist varieties for more diverse lifting applications including piling, ROV, Polar, Trawling and wide mouth. Take a look at our specialist category where you will find much more detail.

 Common Types of Lifting Shackle

Bow and 'D' types are the most common shapes for these connectors. Within each type you will see that there are different varieties ranging from steel options and pin types. Mild Steel commercial types are not suitable for lifting tasks, whilst alloy steel and green or yellow pin type heve been load lifting shackle tested and thus are suited to lifting applications. Stainless steel varieties are also available.  Pin types commonly used are screw pin or safety bolt types.

Lifting Gear Direct are also able to supply designs from the big brand names such as Kuplex, Yoke, Gunnebo, Cartec and more; if you wish to view these then simply use the shop by brand category or search function, where you will find full details on each product.

                                                                                                  D & Bow shackles

Our range of shackle Options

Our range offers safe working load limits ranging up to 55 tonnes. However, if you require a higher working load limit, please get in touch, as we are able to source suppliers with greater limits.  Bow, 'D', sling saver and piling varieties with screw pin or safety bolt are the key types in the range offered at Lifting Gear Direct.

Taking the WLL into account is crucial when selecting any piece of lifting equipment, as you cannot afford to ignore the importance of safety, regardless of the industry you occupy. Also remember that you need to stay abreast of the latest industry news and regulations, as getting caught off guard by changes to the rules is no excuse for breaking them.

Product information for our full range can be viewed easily online, detailing dimensions, working load limits and more. In addition, further information can be obtained using our rapid enquiry form. So if you require quality, dependable products, take advantage of our competitive prices and knowledgeable staff and contact us today!

Applications for using Lifting Shackles

A Shackle can be used in lifting and static systems as a removable link to connect wire rope, chain and slings. The differing types are best used for different applications. For example only the bow type can be used for side/angled loading. Dee types are for straight lifts only. The pin type is most important and your choice will depend on your lifting application. Read on to find out about each type in more detail.

Safety bolt shackles

safety bolt shackle

This type are commonly used for either permanent or more long term lifting operations or sometimes in instances where the load and sling may slip against a screw pin type which may cause it to rotate and subsequently fall out. They are extra secure due to the bolt and cotter pin design. This system also removes the need for tightening the pin prior to each use. The cotter pin or split pin passes through the nut and pin for optimum security.

At Lifting Gear Direct we take safety seriously, so we believe that features like this are useful for our customers as well. If you have any questions about lifting operations and the safety issues you face, use our contact details below to get in touch and we can give you the guidance you need. 

Screw pin shackles

screw pin shackle

These are mainly used for non permanent applications, where it needs to be installed quickly and removed regularly. With these types of shackle it is necessary to check and re-tighten the pin prior to each and every lift. If they are to be used for longer term lifting applications or for applications where there is high vibration activity they are not recommended – it is better to use a safety bolt type instead.  Vibrations can cause the screw pin to become loose.

Special shackles

While some types we stock are made for a multitude of purposes, they may not be unique enough in their design if you have a particular application in mind. That is where our special shackle line up comes into play. Both bow and D designs are available within this range, along with extra adaptations that are attuned to specific use cases.

Take our piling shackle, for example. These are effectively an extension of the D design, but with a longer length to help them act as anchor points within a piling sheet assembly. The length can hit 305mm at a maximum, while the working load limit of 5 tonnes on the sturdiest member of this range will give you peace of mind about performance potential. 

Combining a bow or a d shackle with a sling is a common practice in many industries. If you are concerned about maintaining the integrity of the sling material itself, then one of our special sling saver shackles could be a perfect pairing. These adopt a bow design, but create a flat surface which spreads the weight of the load more evenly across the surface of the webbing and thus leads to lower levels of wear and tear over time. 

Special connectors like this are subjected to rigorous testing, including proof loading, so you can be certain of their ability to remain stable, safe and in line with manufacturer specifications. In the case of our sling saver varieties, capacities top out at around 50 tonnes, which is more than enough for many lifting duties. 

                                          special shackles

Connecting Slings with a Shackle

If shackles are to be used in slinging operations there are certain points to take note of; you must ensure that the sling is seated in the body/bowl of the shackle, never on its pin. When using together with a wire rope lifting sling you should ensure that the diameter is larger than the diameter of the wire rope if it is not terminated with a thimble.

If you are using a webbing sling you must ensure that the bowl is wide enough for the sling to sit flat, there should be no bunching/gathering up of the sling inside the saddle, this will affect the load rating of the sling.

If using for a choker hitch, the end rope eye should seat on the pin and the bowl / loading point is where the shackle is hooked back to create the choke hitch.


The load-rated lifting shackles we stock, including our Small or large Dee and Small Bow varieties, are fully tested and can be supplied with test certificate, and/or EC declaration of conformity if requested; other certification may be available on request. Certification helps to guarantee reliability and safety. Moreover, we only provide quality products. 

You will find that all of the lifting gear we stock adheres to the same high standards, meeting domestic and international expectations in terms of quality and safety. From our hoisting equipment to our material handling kit, you can have complete confidence when buying from Lifting Gear Direct. We even stock ATEX-rated products for use in specialised environments. Even our own-brand jib cranes are able to offer outstanding quality and attention to detail in their construction.

Other lifting equipment and accessory options

Bow and Dee connectors are just part of what we offer on our site. You can also encounter a full range of lifting accessories and loose tackle that will be a cost-effective solution to your load handling issues. We stock eyebolts, snatch blocks, swivel eye bolts, gin wheels and lots of other high quality components that are always worth considering. 

If you need lifting slings to combine with your shackle of choice, these are also offered in a large number of configurations by Lifting Gear Direct. Pick up fibre rope slings, opt for flat web slings or invest in wear-resistant round slings and see what a difference these can make to productivity and safety. 

For further durability and strength, take a look at our wire rope product line up. We have a bounty of wire rope fittings to go along with lengths of the rope itself, so you can customise your order and get exactly what you need to go with the lifting equipment you already have in place. Meanwhile our family of electric hoists and the bespoke jib cranes we make in-house will offer up even more choice no matter the sector you occupy or the loads you need to shift. 

Get in touch today

Browse our full selection of shackling options below for full technical details and call our team on 01384 76961 to discuss any particularly specific requirements. 

You can also fill out our online enquiry form to ask us a question. There is no better way to get expert advice on lifting gear of all types.

Here is a short video showing some of the most popular types.

Lifting Shackle FAQ'S

What is a Lifting Shackle?

A lifting shackle is a shaped piece of steel which forms a saddle and a bolt which passes through both ends to secure it. They are the perfect way to create a connection between two or more objects.

What types of lifting shackles are there?

Lifting shackles come in many formats but when used in lifting applications the common types used are bow shackles or D shackles. They must be load tested when used for lifting. Stainless steel shackles are also available and offer a rust free connection in briny, wet or corrosive situations or in clean, food industries. You will also find some specialist shackles for very specific applications such as trawling or piling shackles .

How often should lifting shackles be tested / inspected?

At least every six months your lifting shackles must be thoroughly inspected and certified safe to continue using. This is in accordance with LOLER regulations and refers to all loose lifting equipment. Lifting Gear Direct can perform these inspections.

Do I need a bow or D shackle?

 If you are lifting in a vertical, straight lift then a D shackle would be most suitable. If you need to load at an angle then a bow shackle is the only shackle option which permits angled loading. Up to 90 degrees from vertical can be applied, however lifting capacities will be reduced by 50%. Load reductions for a 45 degree angle is 70% of original SWL.

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