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Need a custom mobile gantry? 

Look no further; Lifting Gear Direct Manufacture their own mobile gantries to suit your needs, giving you multiple options for a gantry that will work specifically for your workplace. Height, span, safe working load, parking jacks and catenary systems are some of the most requested options. Lifting capacities start at 500kg topping out at 5000kg, height and span can be anything up to 5 metres. Other options include using your own lifting gear on the structure or we can supply you with the appropriate lifting equipment like trolleys and hoists should you need it. Get all your lifting gear from one place right here, at great prices.  

500KG Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane


500kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane Customisation Options Our team of fabricators..

1000KG Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane


Custom Made 1000kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane Features The bespoke 1000kg gan..

2000KG Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane


 Manufactured by our in-house team of engineering experts, it is just one o..

3000kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane


The beauty of a mobile A Frame crane is that you can take the load to the gantry..

5000kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane


5000kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane Size Options This gantry sits at the top of ..

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Mobile Gantry Crane

What is a Mobile Gantry Crane?

The term gantry is defined as a spanning framework, designed to support lifting devices.  A mobile version is a moveable framework for lifting heavy objects, commonly due to the heavy-duty castors fitted to the legs. Although these gantries should not be moved whilst a load is attached. Our cranes are custom made in our own factory by experienced fabricators you can be assured of a quality gantry crane at great prices.

Mobile Crane Questions Answered.

Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our mobile cranes, but don't hesitate to get in touch if you have more.

Why choose a portable Gantry?

Portable gantry or mobile gantries provide an excellent alternative to large or fixed, permanent structures, for which you may not have the space for, nor the desire for a permanent fixture and to spend unnecessary money for something which may be little used. 

A mobile crane from Lifting Gear Direct is much more cost effective, is a non-permanent fixture, and can be easily moved to wherever it may be needed, or out of the way if it is not needed.  

How are mobile gantry crane systems made?

Mobile systems are manufactured from steel sections which are welded into shape by our team of highly experienced fabricators; The term a-frame refers tomobile gantry with Liftket electric hoist the actual shape of the framework of the structure, each end of the structure takes on the shape of a letter “A” in some form or another, the style varies between manufacturers but the principal shape stays the same; these “A” frames are joined together at the top with an H beam, creating a very strong structure.  

These gantries usually have the option of heavy duty castors being fitted to provide easy manoeuvrability, at least two of these castors should incorporate brakes to prevent unwanted movement, for even better stability go for all four castors with brakes. If your gantry doesn’t have brakes then parking jacks can be utilised instead, these have the added benefit of allowing good stability even on uneven ground due to the fact that the jacks can be raised to different levels to suit the ground height.  

Our customers appreciate the extra mobility and flexibility they get from choosing our mobile crane systems manufactured by Lifting Gear Direct. They are suitable for a wide range of different handling tasks and are undeniably versatile, as well as being constructed to a market-leading standard by our engineers. We fully test every one of the structure systems we produce, so you can have total peace of mind that it will be stable and safe at all times.  

The smallest of the crane gantry systems we offer has a safe weight limit of 500kg, but if you need a larger assembly then you can also take advantage of our 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, and even 5000kg units.     

Mobile Gantries Available at Lifting Gear Direct

Here at Lifting Gear Direct we manufacture 5 standard size variations which will suit the majority of requirements; here is a little information on each.

Optional Add-Ons

All our gantries have a choice of optional extras including parking jacks, festoons and catenary systems, isolator switches or knockout boxes. Additionally plated feet can be added if you would rather have the structure stationary. Of course we can also supply any lifting gear to compliment the structure and suit your load lifting needs.

500kg Gantry Mobility Features

The 500kg  A frame crane comes complete with four heavy duty castors which enables the structure to be moved around with ease, though it should be noted that our gantries are not to be moved when carrying a load. Two of the castors incorporate brakes in order to prevent the structure from unwanted movement; we can however fit brakes to all four castors if required. 

Parking jacks are particularly useful if you want to deploy the structure in an area where the surface underneath it is uneven, and it might be prone to instability without appropriate adjustments being made. Each jack can be altered to ensure that the structure stays level and does not put workers at risk during use. 

If you would prefer a fixed gantry solution, we also sell a range of jib cranes which you can customise to whatever specifications you require. Like the portable gantry assemblies, these are all built by our engineering team at Lifting Gear Direct and represent the highest levels of quality that can be achieved today. 

500kg Gantry Safety Standards

All our gantry cranes are load tested and conform to the necessary standards. Yearly inspections are offered to keep your health and safety records up to date. 

1 tonne Gantry Sizes

There are a number of height and span combinations to choose from with the largest having a 4.5 metre under beam height and a 5 metre span. You should be able to easily choose the right variation to suit your lifting requirements, if not please get in touch as our gantries are customisable.

shackles and anything else you may require. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that is available, get in touch with us using the contact details below and we will help you to identify the right structure configuration for your business.

2 Tonne Gantry Safety Advice 

Although these devices are called mobile, you should be aware that they should not be move whilst carrying a load, this can cause the load to swing out; if this happens, not only could it injure a person, but it will make the structure itself unstable and could potentially tip over. 

It is important to follow safe lifting regulations when using any gantry crane. The mobility of our gantries is clearly a convenience and a key selling point, but you should avoid the temptation to use them incorrectly or cut any corners. Also, remember to invest in the right safety equipment for employees that will be using a gantry. We sell various types of protective gear on our site so there is no excuse for not having the right kit available. 

3000kg Mobile Crane Manoeuvrability

The 3000kg mobile option is relatively easy to move around, thanks to the smooth running of the heavy-duty polyamide castors. We fit 4 of these quality swivelling castors 2 of them include brakes to ensure you minimise the risk of unwanted movement of the structure. 

Take a look at the flooring around the area where the structure will be used, if it is uneven then it will probably be worth having parking jacks fitted. We can fit 4 top winding jacks, which will enable you to adjust the height of the structure at each corner until it is level. 

An unlevel structure can quickly become unstable when loaded, and possibly tip over! This is why a lot of our customers ask us to fit these jacks, as it gives them the peace of mind they need when working on tricky terrain.

5 Tonne Gantry Features

Extra heavy-duty polyamide castors are used on our biggest structure, they boast a double ball race without a central king pin; zinc plated pressed steel forks and smooth-running polyamide wheels which are resistant to extreme temperatures, saline water, detergents and acids, they are known for being unbreakable even under heavy loads. 

All of this means that when we say our 5000kg portable gantry is mobile and manoeuvrable, we really mean it. It is also straightforward to assemble and can be dismantled again when necessary, which makes it simple to store and transport safely as required. For a structure of this size, this is very impressive. A fixed lifting solution may be suitable for some businesses, but if you run a factory, workshop or manufacturing plant that needs to respond to changing processes, our gantries will be a much better choice. We appreciate that the needs of every customer we serve will be unique, which is why we provide so much flexibility when it comes to choosing how your structure will be configured. With through testing to go along with our expert manufacturing process, you can be certain that any assembly will supply is tough, safe and adaptable. 



Mobile or fixed gantry system?

The benefits between mobile and fixed gantry systems are evident, with a fixed gantry crane the load has to be brought to the crane, whereas with a mobile one you can position it where ever you require.  Lifting Gear Direct manufacture mobile systems in their own workshop and will often be able to produce a hoist structure to suit your requirements, which can vary depending on the size and capacity needed.  

Mobile gantries are normally used together with other devices to lift the load, the structure itself is the framework to bear the weight of the load that is being lifted, the other lifting devices that are commonly used are electric hoists, chain blocks / manual hoists, lever hoists or magnet lifters, these are the devices that will actually lift and lower the load. A beam clamp to fit to the cross beam will be needed to support the hoisting device in a fixed position, or you may decide on a trolley system fitted to the beam which will allow the load to be traversed across the beam, this is the type mostly used.  

Lifting equipment for a Mobile structure

A gantry is a solid foundation for fast, safe lifting operations, but it cannot be used independently; it needs extra equipment to get up and running. Of course since Lifting Gear Direct can supply kit of all kinds for gantry systems, you have a straightforward way of selecting and acquiring the add-ons you need. 

Beam attachments may be a good starting point in your search for gantry lifting equipment. The Lifting Gear Direct line up features beam clamps and beam trolleys from reputable manufactures. 

Matching your gantry with a suitable hoist is equally important. We have cost-effective and reliable chain blocks, safe and efficient electric chain hoists, manually operable lever hoists, and perfectly practical air hoists. Always check the capacity of the hoist you add to your order, as it needs to be within safe parameters of your gantry’s capacity to avoid issues. 

Correctly positioning a Mobile crane structure

These gantries are designed to be positioned above the load required to be lifted, the load is then attached to the lifting device and can be raised off the ground and re-positioned across the beam if necessary, however, it should be noted that the complete gantry system (framework) should on no account be moved on its castors whilst under load, this is very dangerous and can cause the whole system to become unbalanced and tip over.  

Mobile crane systems are utilised in a vast range of industries, some are used frequently on a daily basis and some may only be used occasionally. These systems are commonly seen in factories, small and large, manufacturing plants, and in warehouses to aid in loading and unloading objects in different areas, or to raise objects off the ground for maintenance or to complete the production of the item; another place where mobile gantries may be often seen is in car garages where they are used to lift out car engines.  

Mobile structure systems – the Importance of Safety

On a final note, it is imperative that you always follow the strict safety procedures when using a mobile system, these should always be provided by the supplier of your system, a regular maintenance and inspection routine should also be established to maintain top safety standards. Lifting Gear Direct offers full inspection and service contracts for all lifting equipment.  

If you need safety gear to go with your crane gantry, we also stock it on our site. There are all sorts of hazards to consider when working with mobile gantries, as well as during at-height operations. It is not worth risking the chance of adding to the workplace injuries statistics, so make sure that your staff are correctly kitted out and given access to safe, reliable crane gantry systems.  

Gantry accessories

Further to our line up of lifting equipment for gantry systems, you can also get your hands on the best lifting accessories around direct from Lifting Gear Direct. Looking for high quality, competitively priced lifting shackles, including special shackles for use in unique environments? We have all you need to top off your structure's setup. Keen to snap up snatch blocks and sheave blocks? We are well versed in this type of accessory and can help you find the right part in a jiffy. 

Our eye bolts and swivel eye bolts are also worth considering, while our lifting slings and components can be your ticket to safe, reliable lifting in any situation. 

More options for Gantry users

The portability and adaptability of these gantries may suit your needs for the time being, but what if your needs change and you are interested in acquiring a different type of lifting assembly? Lifting Gear Direct can come up with the goods once again, thanks to our brilliant array of crane and gantry systems

Our aluminium gantries are a good example of how versatile and adaptable the lifting solutions we supply can be. Offered with similar mobility features, these gantries are quick to set up and shift, while being made with materials that can combat corrosion and work well in food safe environments. 

Our jib cranes are not mobile, but instead offer mounting options including floor, column, and wall mounting. For all-purpose lifting from a fixed position, a jib crane is a stellar choice. Over and under braced models are made available, while beam lengths of up to 5 metres mean you can get a lot of reach out of a crane like this. 

Our standard gantries can be ordered without the castors that set their mobile stable mates apart. Market leading build quality, total customisability, and compatibility with plenty of different lifting equipment means that our gantry range is outstanding on many levels. All you need to do is get in touch using our contact details below and let our expert engineers conjure up the product of your dreams. 

Get in touch today

Browse our full selection of  gantries below for full technical details and call our team on 01384 76961 to discuss any requirements. If email is a better option for you, fill out the contact form on our site with your question and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can get quotes for crane gantry products, advice, and information on the inspection services we provide.


Where can I buy a custom mobile gantry?

 Lifting Gear Direct manufacture their own bespoke  gantries. They are made to order and can be customised to suit your needs.

What options are offered on mobile gantries?

You can choose from a range of safe working loads, heights and spans as well as extra additions such as parking jacks, catenary systems, Isolators/knock-out boxes. We can also supply beam trolleys and any type of lifting hoist to compliment your structure.

What loads can your mobile gantries lift?

That will be dependant on the safe working load of the model chosen. Our models range from 500kg up to 5000kg.

Do your gantries require specialist installation?

In short, no. They are supplied in three main parts which are bolted together, so a couple of able bodies will be able to set it up in no time.

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