Hydraulic pumps

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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps to Buy Online

 There are lots of different types of hydraulic lifting equipment to discover here at Lifting Gear Direct. Our hydraulic pump range is varied in reservoir capacities up to 3000cc and includes high quality products from a leading brand, all at prices you can afford. Hydraulic jacks, cylinders and fittings can also be supplied at keen prices.

Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A

Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A


About Hydraulic Pumps Unlike hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic hand pump will re..

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Hydraulic Pumps

About Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps provide a totally independent and portable means of powering hydraulic cylinders and/or other hydraulically powered tools.

We are able to supply a range of hydraulic pumps from market leaders, Hi-Force, Enerpac and Yale; with a wide range of models available including single and dual speed options, and lightweight versions. All products are manufactured to high quality standards using robust components for reliable longevity.

Hydraulic pump features

All of the hydraulic pumps we supply run at 700 bar maximum working pressure, and the 2 speed models enable a huge reduction in the handle strikes needed over a single speed model, in fact anything up to a 78% reduction. Pressure gauges may be fitted to some models.

Pressure release valves for overload protection are included on most models, with Hi-Force models valves situated externally, Enerpac models internally and Yale Models, externally. Incorporated relief valves enable ultra-fine adjustments in millimetres, even for the heaviest of loads. Some models, such as the Yale hydraulic pumps have ventilation in the oil reservoir to help get the perfect suction of oil as well as allowing you to utilise the total oil capacity of the reservoir; Some Enerpac models do not have this feature to eliminate spillage of hydraulic oil.

Looking for a different hydraulic lifting solution?

A hydraulic pump is obviously useful if you are aiming to power a hydraulic cylinder. However, this is not necessarily going to be the best option for every situation, which is why Lifting Gear Direct stocks a plethora of similarly compelling products with different features, functions and benefits to offer.

Floor jacks, for example, are a good all-in-one answer to lifting and lowering duties in a variety of commercial environments, including workshops, factories, warehouses and construction projects.

Bottle jacks are one of the most commonly encountered varieties of hydraulic lifting equipment, often kept for emergencies at the roadside when it is necessarily to raise vehicles up to carry our repairs.

If you want to lift and lower from an overhead anchor point, one of our many hoisting solutions could be a worthwhile investment. While such a setup will require a more complex lifting assembly than a simple jack or cylinder, it will deliver better results for certain applications.

Ask our team anything

We can assist you in your search for hydraulic pumps and other types of equipment whether you choose to get in touch with an email or give use a ring on 01384 76961.

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