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Buy Forklift Attachments to Speed Up your Load Handling in the workplace

 Our selection of forklift attachments, forklift extensions and forklift hook attachments  from the material handling range are designed to enhance the function and extend the reach of the forks on your truck. The specialised attachments from Lifting Gear Direct allow you to move larger and awkward loads with ease. We have forklift jib arms to turn your truck into a mini crane as well as tipping skips for handling large amounts of materials. So whether you need to move oddly shaped materials or lift over-sized objects, we have a forklift truck attachment that will handle your loads safely and effectively.

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Tipping Skip - economy DtEC 1750


Part of our tipping skip line up, the DTS 1750 is one of several high quality, l..

Tipping Skip - Economy DtEC DTS 1250


Part of our forklift attachment family, this tipping skip from DtEC mixes afford..

Tipping Skip - Economy DtEC DTS 750


Designed by DtEC and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, the DTS 750 is one of our ..

Forklift Brushes – ES Series


About the ES Series of Forklift Brushes Each model in the ES forklift brush r..

Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade


About the Forklift Snow Plough with Fixed Blade When the snow hits, working c..

FPS Fork Protection Sleeves


About the FPS Fork Protection Sleeve Made from high quality 8mm thick steel a..

Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment FMM Series


About the Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Attachment Car parks, scrap yards, contai..

MFC Magnetic Fork Covers


MFC Magnetic Fork Cover Details The MFC magnetic fork covers are ideal for a ..

FMEH Forklift Mounted Raised Hook


About the FMEH Forklift Mounted Raised Hook Attachments The raised bridge and ..

Forklift Sprung Snow Plough


Forklift Sprung Snow Plough Features This high quality, robust forklift snow ..

FSS Fork Sock Protective Covers


FSS Fork Sock Details When you are handling loads with your forklift truck tha..

FBB Forklift Fork Bumper


About the FFB Forklift Fork Bumper Manufactured in pressed steel these forkli..

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Full range of forklift attachments

Lifting Gear Direct stocks a full range of forklift attachments, including jibs to extend the reach of your fork lift. We also supply various hooks that allow you to lift loads safely. Our jibs and hooks are available in a variety of configurations to handle loads of different sizes and shapes.

Our latest range of accessories for your forklift truck are tipping skips which enable easy movement of multiple objects such as swarf or mass produce items on a production line, they are also used for waste as they can be easily to be tipped up to empty.
forklift drum handling attachments

All of our forklift attachments meet the most stringent of standards and are made from leading names in the business. With Lifting Gear Direct, you can be confident that you are buying a reliable and durable product. If you need help picking the right attachment, contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

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Or Forklift Drum Handling Attachments here  (under Drum Handling)

Forklift extensions

Enhancing the potential of your forklift is simple thanks to the extensions that are available alongside our other forklift attachments.

As the name suggests, a fork extension will give common truck types the ability to handle objects which are either too wide or too long to lift safely in normal circumstances.

The Contact FFA Wide Load Stabiliser is a great example of this, featuring outer tines which can be adjusted to ensure that awkward shaped loads are simpler to accommodate. The cross beam is sturdy, durable and ideal for improving the stability of the entire assembly when it is under load. It can be used to transport steel beams and other lengthy materials which might otherwise require larger lifting equipment to move.

Forklift hook attachments

With forklift attachments that feature an integrated hook, you can turn your truck into an effective lifting solution that can rival an electric hoist and gantry setup.

Contact is once again the brand to choose for this type of product. It offers the FMH hook attachment for forklifts in both a fixed reach and an adjustable reach variant. Each of these models can be chosen with a working load limit of up to 5 tonnes, while the built in shackle and hook ensures that lifting duties can be completed efficiently and safely.

Forklift jib arms

Expand the horizons of your forklift use by opting for these Contact-branded components that effectively allow it to double up as a jib crane. A forklift jib arm gives you an under-fork anchor point for lifting purposes and also extends the amount of reach that is available while still providing access to the lifting and lowering capabilities of the tines.

The Contact FMX is a good example of how adept the design of forklift attachments can be. It provides an extending jib assembly and offers up to 3 metres of additional reach, with integrated hooks ensuring reliable, consistent load handling in a number of scenarios.

The Contact FMJ is a fixed length, cost effective alternative to adjustable jib arms. It can be used on trucks with capacities of up to 5 tonnes and operates with the jib oriented over the tines, rather than below, to enhance the lifting height further.

Tipping skips

Sometimes you need to use your forklift to shift loose materials, in which case adding a tipping skip to the tines will be a major improvement to the basic design of the truck. These forklift attachments come in a number of sizes and capacities, while also offering different features that can cater to specific operator requirements.

The Contact RFS-AU is a particularly interesting option in this range, since it has an auto release mechanism which means that the driver of the forklift does not need to move away from the truck’s controls in order to activate the tipping capabilities. Its heavy duty structure and twin locking mechanism means that it should be able to stand the test of time and also prevent accidental emptying of loads at inopportune moments.

Other material handling products

We have already touched upon the fact that Lifting Gear Direct offers a multitude of different lifting equipment options, so it is worth exploring these in more detail if you are eager to order kit to help catalyse more efficient operations.

In our material handling range you will find load moving equipment options such as pallet trucks which perform similarly to forklifts but allow for a more manually oriented approach to shifting large palletised loads.

Also available are scissor lift tables and load moving skates, with plenty of popular brands represented in these categories.

Check out our drum handling equipment if you are need of gear that can cope with the specific challenges posed by this type of container. In amongst these products are forklift mounted drum handling assemblies which could prove very useful.

Custom lifting gear made to order

Another major advantage of investing in products from Lifting Gear Direct is that we not only stock branded kit from other firms, but also make our own top tier equipment and lifting assemblies in-house. This not only allows you to get a bespoke system set up to your exact requirements; it also means you can be sure of securing excellent value for money.

Whether you need an entire crane or gantry system, or you are simply in need of a custom lifting sling, we can supply a carefully manufactured and tested creation that will exceed your expectations time after time.

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What are forklift attachments?

 Forklift attachments come in a wide array of styles and enhance the usability of a forklift truck. Most attachments slide onto the forks, although some can be carriage mounted. Each type of attachment will enable you to lift and move, sweep & clean, tip/empty and generally handle loads in different ways depending on the type chosen. There are even extensions and wide load supports for lifting large loads, Jib arms for extended reach and also fork protector sleeves, all available at Lifting Gear Direct.

Can you use a forklift for clearing snow & debris?

Absolutely, yes. This type of attachment is great for keeping the working environment clear, and safe. There is a good selection of snow plough attachments for snow clearing tasks; yard scrapers for clearing and collecting debris and a range of sweeping brush attachments to keep your working area clean and clear. We also have a magnetic sweeper for collecting metal objects.

How can I protect the forks from damage?

Fork protection sleeves are a good way to offer protection to both your forks and the loads you are lifting. There is a choice of hard metal sleeves, webbing sock covers and magnetic fork covers. There are also forklift bumpers which protect the carriage to the rear as well as the load as it is picked up. A fork fender fits the fork tips when the truck is not in use to make them more visible and offer protection to people as they walk by.

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